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BY • POSTED October 10, 2017
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Written by Todd Goldstein

Can you really start a business in 54 hours?

Hyr Medical and Tunnel Vision Hoops are living proof that the answer is “yes.” Both companies came together at a previous Startup Weekend and used the weekend as a launch pad to sustain their enthusiasm and models as LaunchHouse companies.

I’d like to invite you to take part in Startup Weekend hosted at LaunchHouse from October 20-22nd

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur to join in on Startup Weekend.

Teams form from the diverse sets of skills that everyone brings—we need idea people, coders, designers, marketers, and everyone in between. This is an opportunity for people who may not consider themselves to be entrepreneurs to come out and test their ideas with a supportive group. Just the relationships and exposure to new ideas alone make this weekend worth it. Great companies are built on great teams and this is the place where it all starts.

Startup Weekend is an opportunity to launch that idea you’ve been thinking about that just won’t go away.

You know the one. The one that keeps you up at night; the one that you’re always thinking about and saying, “one day.” I’ve watched too many entrepreneurs make two fatal mistakes when it comes to starting a business. First, some sit around and dream about a world-changing idea and never take action. Second, others take action and bet everything on it—their house, their job, their future. Both paths lead to the same miserable end. Yet, opportunities like Startup Weekend give you a chance to test an idea to see if it’s worth it to go all the way. Entrepreneurial success requires failing quickly many times before finding the idea that is going to work. Startup Weekend is your chance to fail quickly in a supportive environment.

Part of why I started LaunchHouse is that I believed that entrepreneurs needed a space to test out their ideas but to also have a space where they could interact with others building their dream each day. Startup Weekend is a condensed version of what we do each day at LaunchHouse. In just 54 hours, you’ll get to brainstorm an idea, validate it, and pitch it to real investors. Join the entrepreneurial community and build your dream over Startup Weekend:  http://communities.techstars.com/usa/cleveland/startup-weekend/10658

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