Till a few years ago, the concept of coworking was quite alien. The only kind of office arrangement people knew about was the traditional office setup.

But human beings have a natural tendency to seek a better option–something more convenient and conducive to our needs. And that’s how the coworking industry was born.

The Oxford English dictionary defines coworking as “The use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.”

A coworking space has efficiently solved many of the problems that traditional offices couldn’t. Here’s how..

It’s affordable.

A coworking space functions with a pay-per-seat system whereby you pay only for the space you actually use. Besides, you don’t have to bear an expensive deposit or worry about day-to-day costs like decor, maintenance, and utility bills. It’s as simple as paying for your monthly netflix subscription!

In the last few years, both individuals and companies have switched to coworking and found that it helps cut overhead costs considerably.

It’s practical.

Since you don’t have to rent out an entire commercial office, you can plan wisely and choose seats in a coworking space that is close to your residence. =

Coworking space providers usually have branches in various parts of the city, allowing companies to place groups of employees at spaces near their own homes.

Working near home helps save the time and money that would otherwise be spent on a tedious daily commute. It cuts out the stress and ensures high productivity even in the initial hours of the work shift. See? Great for employees and employers!

For those with young children or elderly parents at home, such an arrangement also allows for a quick commute back home in case of emergencies.

It’s smart.

Coworking spaces are designed with modern amenities and arranged to encourage productivity and creativity. When you show up at work each day, your work desk is all set for you to get right to work. A coworking space would also have a community managed whom you can directly approach in case you face any issues. What more could a working professional possibly need!

It’s strategic.

A shared office environment offers the opportunity to meet professionals from various fields and share common interests. You can learn a lot from industry veterans and draw inspiration from other professionals who are on a similar journey.

Coworking also enables easy networking. Employers and freelancers can connect to work on great ideas and achieve great things! Corporate employees can also make valuable connections to learn more about their field or to pursue a new subject of interest.

It’s balanced.

With coworking, it’s not all about just work, work, and work. Coworking spaces usually have common recreational areas where you can unwind and relax with fun indoor games, refreshing conversations, and more. Taking short breaks helps dissipate the stress of a busy work day and improve productivity.

Most coworking offices also have malls and eateries in the vicinity where you can go to socialize after office hours. 

Working professionals from all industries have been looking for a better option. And it’s finally here! Many freelancers as well as corporate companies have recently made the switch from a traditional office setup to a coworking arrangement. The benefits are plenty and the options are endless! You can browse through a wide variety of coworking options based on location, number of seats, price, and facilities. Your ideal office space awaits you!

Are you ready to give it a shot?