If you ask us, we’ll say that anyone can establish a business if they have sufficient funds. However, it takes a very calculative mind to understand where to put all the funds that’ll give you the perfect ROI (Return On Investment). While we are talking about funds, you must have set aside a large amount that you want to spend on advertisements? You must have thought about Facebook ads and Google Adwords both, right? 

There are some topics that people will keep debating. One of these topics is, ” Which one is better, Facebook ads or Google Adwords? ” The answer is tough and debatable. Both the platforms work in different ways, and both are doing commendable jobs as ad platforms. Hence, the question shouldn’t be which one is better. It should be, “Which one is better for the product, the demographic you’re focusing on and which one fits your budget? ” 

Facebook Ads or Google Adwords

Before we start comparing both, we have to give you a tad bit of an idea about how these ads work:

What is Google AdWord? 

Google Adword is a paid online marketing platform where you promote your business through creating ads and drive more and more traffic to your desired landing page. It is a paid online marketing platform. The process by which you can display your advertisement here is Pay-per-click. Suppose you want the keyword ” Best hairstylists ” to rank among the top 10 search results in Google. 

You have to pay based on how you want your website to rank. Google will count clicks on your ads, and you get charged according to that. Google Adwords is the world’s largest paid search platform. 

This concept is a bit tough to understand, but to put it into simple words, business owners pay for each customer that Google brings to them. 

What are Facebook Ads? 

Facebook is the largest paid social advertising platform. Based on the fact that Facebook has the largest number of monthly active users than any other social networking site globally, it is the highest potential marketplace. However, Facebook works differently than Google AdWords. Here, you spend money to display your ads to people who are searching for similar interests. Unlike Google, Facebook ads will help users find your business instead. 

If we want to draw the conclusion stating the most significant difference between a Facebook ad and Google AdWords, let’s put it in this way: You will find new customers via AdWords, but Facebook will let customers find you. Not to mention that both kinds of advertisements are essential for a business. We are talking about two giants in online marketing platforms. Hence, there shouldn’t be a debate on which one is better. 

Let’s consider various factors and have a look at the events for both. There are several ways that you can decide which one is better for your business: 

Advantages of Google AdWords: 

Google has about 3.5 billion search queries every day. Being the most comprehensive online business platform, people use this search engine for any online advertisement. Google has the potential to supply an unequal number of customers to you who are looking for similar kinds of services and goods online. 

  • The most significant advantage that Google has is its diverse and large audience base. Google has more than 40,000 search queries per second, making a total of 1.2 Trillion search queries per year. No other research engine or online platform can offer you such a large number of audiences and prospective customers. That alone makes Google the most popular online market. 
  • It is time to break the misconception that the more you pay, the greater your chance to “win” among the keywords is. It is not about the budget. AdWords focus more on the relevance of the ads. So, you can be assured that budget is not a matter of concern if you maintain quality in your ads. 
  • You can customize your ads as much as you want. There is an unprecedented number of features available. User reviews, shopping ads, ad extension, targeting location and other features make a Google ad unparalleled to any other ad platform. 
Advantages of Facebook Ads: 

Facebook is new in paid search platforms compared to Google, but it is refining its advertisement strategies from many years, making it a tremendously prospective platform for ads. 

  • Like Google, Facebook’s biggest advantage is its truly global, diverse and large audience base. More than the world’s one-fifth population are active users of Facebook. There are 1,49 billion monthly active users on Facebook, and targeting a specific location in Facebook ads has become one of the central parts of digital marketing strategies. 
  • Facebook ads are visually pleasing. There is no debate on this topic. Compared to other dry PPC or Ad platforms, Facebook ads are catchy and genuinely get your attention. Facebook ads contain images, videos and other visually pleasing options that make these ads persuasive as well. Add a compelling message along with the ads, and you can drag the audiences in your favour. 
  • Another advantage of Facebook ads is the level at which you can set the data for your target audience. It has impressive tools to create beautiful and engaging ads, giving you potential ROI.
Google or Facebook, which one you should be using for your Ads? 

You should evaluate the above question based on the situation that you’re in. There are various factors that you have to consider before you spend any money on ads. Let’s take a look: 

Consider your budget

How much you can pay per customer? If you’re spending half of your budget only to generate traffic on your website, then consider what you have to pay to convert one of them to a confirmed lead. The amount is too high. Facebook looks cheaper for this condition. It is not a PPC platform. Hence, you can invest in a specific number of targets and expect a handsome ROI. 

Your competitors:

You have to consider that some keywords are more expensive than others. This means you have to pay more if you want to gain searches in that keyword. Unless your budget is exceptionally high, PPC is a costly business, and you might want to reconsider using Google AdWords. Facebook does a pretty decent job at a low cost. 

Your objective: 

You should choose your platform based on the business objective that you have. If you are opting for branding, then Facebook is the best platform for you. However, if your target is lead generation, then Google is the best companion. 

Consider your buyer’s Intentions: 

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and consider the time and moment you’d like your leads to get confirmed. Like, If you want immediate conversion, then you might want to use Google. A customer will search for a product on Google to buy; hence, the immediate conversion is possible. If you’re going to increase awareness, create an impression and want to redirect your customers to your website, then Facebook is the one. 

Final words: 

As you can see, it is not possible to conclude in one word that any of the platforms is the “one-size-fits-all” option for you. Both have various features of ad advantages that work favourably in different situations. Consider these factors before you’re going to invest in any of them. 

Author Bio:

Pooja Shah is a Content Writer at Financesage. It is a blog where I cover financial tips related website which is working towards investors to take better financial decisions and make the best choices while buying financial things and for better financial life.