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BY • POSTED August 6, 2018
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Matt Hirsch

Meet LaunchHouse member Matt Hirsch at Alt Media Studios. With a serious poker face Matt is the kind of comedian you don’t see coming. He likes making people laugh, but also has a good heart. In his hours away from Alt Media Studios, Matt spends a lot of time doing volunteer work at the Cleveland Clinic. He has been happily married to his wife for seventeen years and they love their sheepdog. Working for Alt Media Studios since 2014, Matt has seen the company grow substantially in the past few years.


Get to know Alt Media Studios

 Alt Media Studios is a custom website development company. Matt said, “it’s important to emphasize ‘custom development’ because we don’t work with template sites like WordPress”. However, Alt Media Studios provides all the amenities that WordPress does. They are a complete webmaster that builds, hosts, and maintains their client’s websites all customized to their needs. Matt said, “We’ve been busy developing websites and handling digital marketing needs for our customers, and our skill set has grown from web development to digital marketing, graphic design, the management of AdWord campaigns primarily on Google but also sponsored ads on social media, things like that”. But Alt Media Studios is not just a webmaster company; they are a Google Partner. Matt explained, “being a Google Partner is keeping up with certifications, exams, tests and then running and managing ad campaigns. There is a certain amount that we have to manage in order to have that level of Google Partner”. Alt Media Studios is graded by Google on their performance to build effective digital marketing campaigns for their clients. Being a Google Partner allows Alt Media Studios to continue their education while providing quality builds for their clients.

Who is Matt Hirsch

Matt is the Inside Salesman for Alt Media Studios and has been working with them since 2014. He works directly with clients on functionality of their website, promoting their sites with digital marketing, and other internal requests they might have. However, Matt’s career experience was not exactly leading him to the digital realm. Before Alt Media Studios, Matt’s experiences included working for a mortgage company, foreclosures, research for a mortgage lender, being a realtor, and volunteering for eight years. Moving around the country to take care of family, Matt found work in the business he knew, real estate, mortgage, and finance. However, coming back to the Cleveland area inspired him to take a different path. Enter Alt Media Studios. In Cleveland, Matt started out working for Key Bank but soon wanted to get out of the corporate environment. He was intrigued by the opportunity to sell and having experience with real estate sales Matt thought website sales would be an interesting change. Matt said, “this time around I knew the owner, we’ve been friends all our lives, and he built the company from the ground up and I joined him as the sales associate, so he could focus more on the development.”

Matt’s inspiration for joining the Alt Media Studios team is the owner, Steve DiFranco. Matt explained, “the owner is a very intelligent man, he has a lot of integrity. I know him on a personal and professional level and I just like his product and I like the way he runs his business. He’s honest and he’s a good businessman too, smart”. The are other perks to Alt Media Studios that made his transition easier. For Matt, he enjoys interacting with the customers, anticipating and understanding their needs. Matt said, “I’m thorough and I like conveying everything that we talked about to Steve and our development team so that we can deliver what they need. I would say that [Alt Media Studios] was a perfect fit for me”. We can learn from everything that we do. For Matt the biggest learning experience for him with Alt Media Studios is his personal work habits. Matt explained, “I am a perfectionist and I demand a lot out of myself,” he continued, “so… to try to realize that you can only do so much in one day. In sales that doesn’t come naturally, because you want to ensure that you have enough coming in, but you also need to remember that tomorrow you can take care of things as well”.

The LaunchHouse Vibe

Although Matt is not the final decision maker at Alt Media Studios he has been with the company since they joined the LaunchHouse community. He described the main inspiration that brought them to LaunchHouse was the opportunity for networking. Matt continued, “there are other businesses that are [at LaunchHouse] every day. We see regulars we see new people, but there didn’t seem to be a consistent or regular web developer that had a spot here, so we thought we could bridge that gap”. The members of LaunchHouse are always looking out for each other. They will help when and where they can, really focusing on building a community network that they can rely on. For Matt personally, it is that community aspect that he likes the most. Matt said, “I like the buzz. I mean, you can just go out to the main room and you can hear people talking. You can join a conversation pretty easily. People are open with what they do when you ask them. Conversations are easily made”.


In reflection of his own career journey, the advice Matt would give to entrepreneurs focuses on growth. He said, “manage growth reasonably, slowly. Listen, take your time, get to know your customers’ needs and then meet those. Don’t be in a rush to grow too fast”. This advice for entrepreneurs mirrors the best advice he was ever given in his own life. “There’s a lot. But I would say ‘if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing right’”, Matt was told by his father. When you slow down and take your time on a project or task you can do it right the first time. Matt looks at every project he does this way and it helps him define his meaning of success. Matt said, “I would [define success] by the reputation you have built for yourself. That doesn’t have anything to do so much with things, I mean yeah, it’s nice to have something to show for it monetarily. But what people say about you. You or your business. You’re never going to make everyone happy but if 9 out of 10 people say, ‘yeah I like working with him because he listens, he delivers, and he takes an interest’, then I feel I’ve done good work overall and can be proud of the work ethic I’ve come to have”.


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