In recent years we have been observing rapid industry growth in the Coworking sector. We can say that the coworking space industry has taken over the world by storm. According to the statistics, there are right now 18,287 coworking spaces all over the world. Each year we have witnessed an average increase of 2,595 new coworking spaces since 2010.

As we all know the COVID-19 pandemic continues to swing the entire world, it was predicted that in the 2020 year, only 1688 coworking spaces are going to open worldwide. The reason for the fall is obvious; due to the coronavirus outbreak massive coworking spaces growth is slowing down.

Freelancers, startups, entrepreneurs, and corporates preferred co-working space in Delhi as they have all technologies, experience, and sociability. As we all are aware that India has witnessed massive growth in the startup, so this can also be the reason why coworking spaces are so popular. The coworking space industry has reached at the point where it’s not about quantity anymore but quality. It is also important to understand all the future changes and trends that coworking space is going to face.

Following are the coworking trends that will elevate the coworking space industry to high levels:


Women-oriented spaces offer an atmosphere where women can feel empowered. It gives a space where women can get roused by other motivated women workers. 

The quantity of uplifting female figures is rising. In such a period, it is significant that other women are motivated by such female figures. 

In this way, women-centered coworking spaces will undoubtedly build women strengthening in the public arena.

Different Communities specific spaces

In order to increase sales of their coworking spaces, they have to broaden their target audience. As of now, they are targeting only freelancers, startups, corporates, and solopreneurs. But now they have to prepare themselves to partner with big companies who generally want to save some money using coworking spaces and neighboring other teams as well.

We notice that some coworking spaces guarantee themselves as dedicated to a specific industry specialty or niche. For example-  Coworking for parents, coworking kitchens, and spaces for pet supply entrepreneurs.

A field-driven coworking space is an ideal spot for individuals of comparative occupations to share thoughts, team up, be gainful, and concoct progressive arrangements.

Out of box services

As per the latest trend, each and every coworking space has to stand out from others. For this, they have to provide some out of the box services to their coworkers. It’s just like big corporate companies provide fringe benefits to their employees. Some ongoing examples include babysitting, provide Chartered accountant services to all new startups, you can also make your office pet-friendly, provide business accounts in banks, etc.

If a coworking space is missing out on these basics and does not go the extra mile for its clients, then they might shift to some new coworking spaces.

Environment-Friendly Coworking Spaces

Another important trend to the rundown of coworking patterns is bringing nature into coworking spaces. The significant thought process of coworking spaces is to make a network. At the point when these workers work in an ideal environment, it extricates the best out of them. Bringing nature inside coworking spaces is a stage toward that path. 

Indeed, working around nature has been logically demonstrated to expand bliss. It likewise lessens inflammation, gives workers more energy! Review pictures of greenery also advantage workers. 

Indoor air quality influences individuals’ brain capacities. Higher air quality and better ventilation lead to fundamentally better dynamic capacities. Likewise, outside air has fewer toxins than customary sifted air in many workplaces. In reality, as we know it where solid wildernesses are extending by a moment, a little plant can end up being a welcome blessing.

Community, Culture, and Classes

Most of the freelancers, startups, and solopreneurs come to the coworking spaces to work but as per the current research, we came to know that there is much more than workspaces that are needed. Coworking spaces have to organize weekly lunches, events, yoga sessions, and meditation sessions. All these are part of the coworking concept.

By offering these programs at your coworking spaces you allow members to work effectively and interact with one another.

Global Membership Passes

After the last triumph over Covid-19, coworking space operators will take a shot at scaling their organizations and extending their global reach. 

As indicated by IWG, 1.87 billion individuals on the world will work distantly by 2022. Coworking spaces need to cover this appeal, and they have a plan. 71.14% of operators will bring two-three additional locations in 2020/21.

Sufficiently sure, that multi-location coworking will give worldwide (global) participation passes to their individuals. This is a decent practice as present-day financial specialists invest a ton of their energy on traveling. It’s acceptable to realize that you will have a standard work environment giving a customary arrangement of luxuries for continuous work. 

Running coworking networks, you can expect expanded members’ loyalty as you go with individuals on their business trips.

Digital Marketing Campaign

Digital marketing is taking over the world by storm. From the trends, it’s quite visible that a large number of the population is depending on digital platforms. So, it’s quite essential that the coworking space industry should not be exempted from their services But we all know that it’s a very difficult task to market and advertise a coworking space on digital marketing platforms.

SEO strategies can help this industry to boost its services and this will help them to generate more leads. Coworking space in Kochi is offering additional digital marketing services through which they can get benefits.


Coworking space is going to be the next big thing that the world will see. From the above-mentioned points, you know what coworking spaces need that allows them to adjust in 2020/21. But at the same time coworking operators have to face a lot of new challenges, yet, they have more chances to grab upcoming opportunities so that the coworking space industry grows and matures.

By Manvee Dugar