The trend of marketing through social media networks has gained a lot of momentum nowadays due to its worth to promote your brand and make a fantastic global reputation. Besides connecting with people, social media channels are vital for the success of any business. 

It hardly matters whether some companies have mega budgets for their business or not. The principles used by them to form a remarkable social presence can be simulated by businesses of any sizes. 

Social media channels are useful in getting valuable web traffic and conversions. This post covers the top 10 ways for businesses to boost their social media presence.


  • Set Your Goals

You must have a clear idea of your target audience and the goals set by you must be attainable, calculable, pertinent, and time-bound. For instance, a smart goal can be to grow your Twitter response rate by 25% at most in three months.

You can decide your target audience according to their preferences, location, and demographics. The purpose of businesses on social media should be to make better relationships with people rather than simply growing followers.

Frame a content posting schedule on the social media sites you are active on. Make sure that this content speaks to a definite audience besides conveying your brand’s voice. 

You also need a tool to track your conversions. Mixpanel is one of the reliable conversion tracking tools used to engage, convert, and hold on to more users.


  •   Make an Outstanding Profile

Check your profile and fill all the fields that are relevant to your business. A complete profile is useful to boost your social media presence as it provides all the necessary information. Nowadays, people want to know more about your company face-to-face. 

Sending personalized messages to your followers is very useful to generate a vital connection. People expect and like a human social media presence but often ignore or dislike a robotic reply. Highlighting the human face of your brand has an everlasting pleasant impact on the audience.


  • Stay Relevant and Conduct Events

Consistency is fine in sharing relevant content and you must post content on current trending topics that drive an enormous engagement. Similarly, conducting events and using your hashtags /social media handles on the content will extend your brand awareness catching the attention of the event audience.

With the launch of new and inspirational campaigns, you have to express your views on trending topics that people will like and you get more exposure.


  • Make an Editorial Calendar

Usually, businesses post content consistently on different social networks. Sometimes there can be a mix up while handling various social channels that can be eliminated by preparing a content calendar. This also simplifies the process by-

    • Allowing you to adjust all posts for specific channels without any hassle of jumping to different sites. 
    • Eliminating the chances of posting the same content again.
    • Optimizing user engagement with proper timing of posts.

You maintain your social presence well-organized by sparing some time to prepare a content schedule.  Respond timely to your followers whenever they ask a question and offer solutions to their problems rather than simply pitching your products.

This process helps you to gain customer trust and the content is very useful to speed up your social selling process.


  • Proper Automation  

Marketing automation is fine for your brand but you can’t rely totally on it as improper automation can turn your social followers off. Automating the schedule of posts and content curation is ok but automated replies are not recommended for answering the questions of genuine customers.

Reliable customer care is an important part of a social media strategy that is used to send personalized messages and replies.


  • Account optimization

Social media optimization is not that complicated like SEO and your profiles on social media accounts can be optimized with relevant keywords while filling the account information but avoid keyword stuffing.

 For example, an Instagram bio can be used by brands to link to promotions or publicize their hashtag.

A perfect Twitter profile with an HD image will help in getting more followers and build your authority.

 Don’t hesitate to connect with other famous accounts in your business to get extra exposure. Get more connections on LinkedIn to expand your professional network reach.  Being a part of your social activity, Twitter chats also count for generating leads through social media.


  • Post Images and Videos  

The use of visuals in your social media posts provides more user engagement than simple text content.  Instagram is an ever-growing image-based platform while videos posted on Facebook involve six times more engagement than any other kind of content.

 The graphics and videos shared on Twitter are also shared further by your followers. The visuals posted by you can be team photos, videos about your brand, major client’s images, and infographics. Several online tools are available to make videos and social images.


  • Create a Personal touch

Personality is imperative for establishing your brand. Get more engagement with your community by varying the content types and even share the content of your business partners. Your live video speaking to the audience generates a fantastic personal touch.


  • Go Ahead With Paid Ad Campaigns

You can’t just rely upon free features offered by various social media sites to achieve the desired level of success. Paid ad campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram have gained a lot of popularity for lead generation. 


  • Stay Active

Inactive social feeds are not good for your brand’s reputation. You need to be active on social channels regularly by posting fresh content. The implementation of social scheduling and automation will save a lot of time. Prioritize your social channels according to the location of your audience.



 Consider the above-mentioned points to boost the social media presence of your business. These strategies will help you in getting the engagement of more people and anyone who comes in touch with your brand is likely to become your follower.

After doing the smart work for establishing your brand’s tone on social channels, your efforts will be rewarded with appreciation and potential leads.


About the Author

Paru Saxena is a content writer at TechIngenious, one of the leading digital marketing and mobile app development companies in India. He is proficient in digital marketing and has been writing for the last 6 years.