Written by Marybeth Stucker | Director of Membership + Operations

Today I’m switching roles—I’m the prospective member at a coworking space that I’ve never been to before.  Today I’m working remotely from Canvas, a coworking space in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of Washington D.C.  As the Director of Membership + Operations at LaunchHouse, I’m typically the one answering questions.  But today, I’ve been the one asking them!

When I arrived at Canvas, and even before I arrived, I was surprised at how many questions ran through my head.  It reminded me of the first day of school.  Where the heck IS this place?!  Where do I sit?  Can I take phone calls?  Where is the coffee?  Is the coffee free?  Will anyone talk to me or notice I’m here?  And on and on.  And I realized… the questions I had are the same questions many of our prospective LaunchHouse members have, whether they say them out loud or not!

So, as I sit here just 5 minutes into my first day coworking at a new space, I will attempt to be 100% transparent about all of the questions you may have at your first day at LaunchHouse.  

  1. Where the heck is this place?!

    This is a common question for any first timer! If you’re wondering where LaunchHouse is, it is best to look for the “Drive 21” sign on Alpha Drive. If you’re coming from I-271 / Wilson Mills, this will be on the right. We’re in the first building facing Alpha Drive—you’ll see our blue sign out front. If you park on the side by our sign, you can enter through the south door and you’ll be right at Suites E & K. Come on in Suite K and just let someone know you’re there for a tour.  

  2. Where do I sit?

    At LaunchHouse, you can sit pretty much anywhere! The only designated desks are the ones in private offices. I suggest grabbing a spot to work in Suite K.  

  3. What if I get a phone call?  Can I take it in the open coworking space?

    Yes, our coworking space is not meant to be library quiet. If you have a quick call, go for it. If you have a longer conference call or would like some privacy, you can generally hop in a conference room (we have 3), if they are not reserved. You can also find quiet space in the hallway if you want some privacy.

  4. Is there coffee?

    Heck yes! We’d die without it. There is a Keurig at the counter in Suite K. Help yourself—coffee is free. There is sugar and creamer in the fridge. There are mugs hanging by the Keurig. You’re welcome to use them! You can wash your mug across the hall in Suite E in the kitchenette. We also have tea. And we never have decaf coffee… what would be the point?!

  5. What about snacks?

    Also yes! Help yourself. Snacks are on the counter in Suite K. We also keep the fridge stocked with LaCroix. #addicts

  6. What should I do during lunch?

    Whether you pack lunch or grab something to go, you’ll have someone to eat with at LaunchHouse, if you’d like! Members that are available at noon generally grab a big table in Suite K to eat together— it’s one of my favorite things about LaunchHouse! Need to grab something for lunch? Panera, Chipotle, and Qdoba are a half mile down the street. There are also tons of options in Mayfield Heights on SOM Center Road. Jimmy Johns will even deliver!

  7. Can I bring my dog?

    If your dog is well behaved and pretty quiet, sure! Sometimes it is best to bring your dog in on a quiet day for an hour so that they can smell everything (and the other dogs) and be comfortable before your first full workday. Just give Marybeth a call if you’d like to stop in.

  8. What are the other members like?

    LaunchHouse is a very diverse community in every way! Some are doing freelance work, from speech writing to graphic design. Others are founders of tech startups. Some are doing web development. And some are still figuring out what they really want to do! Our members come from all over the world and live all over Northeast Ohio. The thing that ties us all together—we don’t fit into your neat 9-5 corporate box. Everyone at LaunchHouse chooses to do things differently and chooses to do work they are passionate about.

  9. How do the conference rooms work?

    Generally, the conference rooms are first come first serve. We do not charge our members for conference room usage. We simply ask that you do not “camp out” in there all day! If you find yourself needing a private space frequently, please consider renting a private office.

  10. Will anyone talk to me?!

    Yes. Our members will surely be interested in meeting you and saying hi! A coworking tip—generally, if someone has their headphones on, they are focused and likely less interested in talking at the moment. If you’re eager to meet the other members, just leave your headphones out so they don’t assume you’re too busy!

  11. Can I try it out for a day?

    Yes! If it’s your first time, we’re happy to give you a free day pass to try it out. If you’re traveling and come into town often, you can always buy day passes for $15/day. Trust me, it’s a lot more convenient than working at a coffee shop with spotty wifi and loud espresso machines!

  12. Okay, so how do I join?!

    Contact me, Marybeth (marybeth@lh.local) and I’ll get you all setup! You can get details about our Membership Options here. Whether you just want a space to pop into a few times a month, or if you need a daily workspace, we can accommodate you. We’d love to have you here at LaunchHouse.

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