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In the last few years, the mobile applications sector has grown in leaps and bounds. This has primarily been driven by huge demand for apps and rapid technological advancement, among other factors. Millions of companies across the world have already developed innovative apps to enable their customers to buy goods and obtain services, and many others are planning to follow the same path.

Apart from thinking abouthow the applications will work and the requisite resources, it is very important to determine the kind of technology that can serve users’ needs in the best possible way.

Programming languages used in app development

There are five main programming languages that are commonly used to develop innovative mobile apps.

  1. Swift– this is the language that developers who desire to build specific apps for Apple products prefer to use. The programming language has advanced features as well as minimal coding which can be maintained without much difficulty.
  2. PHP– it is a popular object-oriented language that makes use of a 3-layer model in the creation of web applications and innovative apps for mobile devices. For applications that need database integration, PHP programming language works exceptionally well.
  3. C++– this programming language forms a strong base for other languages. Additionally, C++ boasts of incredible power for creating dynamic and innovative apps. It offers a compiler-based and straightforward approach, and these two elements make it a versatile tool for use on multiple platforms. Objective C, C++’s sister, was commonly used to develop apps in Apple systems, although this is no longer the case.
  4. HTML5– this is among the best types of technologies to use, particularly when there is na eed to build front-end web apps for smartphones and other mobile devices.
  5. Java– this is the programming language that is most preferred by developers on the Android platform. The object-oriented language can be easily learned and applied. It has numerous open source libraries that users across the world can make use of.

App development tools

There is a wide range of tools that form part of advanced app technologies. They can be used by developers who start from scratch and need solutions that can make their work easier. The tools are suitable for developing innovative apps from scratch, given that they provide multi-platform capacities for reaching out to millions of people across the world.

The following are top app development tools:

  1. PhoneGap– it is available for all the three leading platforms, namely Android OS, iOS and Windows operating systems. The Adobe tool boasts of a structure that enfolds HTML5 applications in native wrappings for innovative apps that need an application on the web, particularly for mobile platforms.
  2. MoSync– this is a powerful, multi-platform development tool that supports IDE for programming languages such as C and C++. Additionally, it supports JavaScript, Python, PHP as well as Ruby.
  3. Appcelerator– this is an incredible tool that can help in the creation of native applications for smartphones and tablets, as well as desktops with the use of HTML, Java and PHP programming languages. This is the best way to go for developers who wish to build hardware based applications.
  4. WidgetPad– This tool provides a collaborative approach for developing mobile apps. It makes use of JavaScript, HTML5 and other web technologies. WidgetPad offers a wide range of options, ranging from the editing of source codes to distribution. Additionally, the tool can be used in building apps for the web as well as devices that run on iOS and Android operating systems.
  5. RhoMobile– this platform offers an exceptional, Ruby-based open source framework. RhoMobile enables developers to build innovative apps for use on multiple platforms with great ease. The powerful tool is ideal for developing apps for a wide range of mobile devices since coding is done only once.

The technology behind app development is a very complex subject. Ideally, any individual or app development company that intends to create a mobile app must have a proper plan and seek the help of experts in the field of computer science or software engineering – says Tactica.

What does the future hold?

The app industry has, without doubt, experienced solid growth in the last few years. With the rapid advancement of technology and ever-growing expectations from end users, developers must become more innovative and continue thinking outside the box. Some of the trends that may shape the industry in the near future include voice-controlled speakers fixed in smart homes, chatbots in electronic commerce and augmented reality, among others.

The future is largely unpredictable, but there is no doubt that the app industry is headed towards a direction that is user-centric, dynamic and fast-paced. Therefore, app developers and other stakeholders must strive to meet customers’ expectations.

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