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BY • POSTED March 6, 2019
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We are now launching the LaunchHouse Corporate Membership!

At its core, it’s open-office coworking for all of your employees for one all-inclusive price based on the number of employees you have.

What benefits do my employees get?

  1. Off-site meeting locations and open office workspace at any LaunchHouse network location*
  2. Give your remote employees a place to work
  3. Give your highly mobile employees a place to check in and get work done in between sales and client meetings
  4. Free conference room use and easy online booking/reservation system
  5. A change of pace from the typical 9-5 at your place of work
  6. High speed wifi, snacks, coffee
  7. Monthly events and the chance to network with entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners

*Some location use limitations may apply

Can I just move my company into LaunchHouse under this membership?

Sure! If you have a small core team that doesn’t want traditional office space then you can definitely take advantage of this offer.

What about private offices and flex coworking combined together?

We realize that some companies may want a hybrid option with private offices for some of their employees and open office flex coworking for the rest. If this is the case, email us your specific needs and we’ll work to accommodate them (

Who has already signed up for this membership?

As part of their Bootstrap Bash sponsorship, the following companies are a part of our inaugural corporate membership:

Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurship, Ashland University
Capital Advisors
Evarts Tremaine
Rock The House
Spice Kitchen and Catering

Ready to add coworking to your company’s employee perks?

Step 1:

Your company assigns a point person to be in charge of billing and member usage in our online membership system

Under 50 employees at your company? $500/month (click here)

50 or more employees at your company? $1,000/month (click here)

Step 2:

The point person adds the employees into the membership system under your company as they need to use the space; once added, the employees can keep coming back. We have some internal systems controlled by email addresses, so it’s good to have them loaded into the system ahead of time. The LaunchHouse team can help you with any hiccups in the process.


Email us:

Schedule a tour by clicking on the location below:

Highland Heights
CoWork Oberlin: Powered by LaunchHouse

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