The Benefits of Having a Dog-Friendly Coworking Space

BY • POSTED June 13, 2019
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Who doesn’t love dogs? According to a poll by Gallup, 44% of Americans own at least one dog, and more people are reaping the many benefits of having pets at home.

The CDC found that people who own a pet have decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Pet owners also have more opportunity for exercise and socialization, so it’s not surprising that business owners are starting to allow dog-friendly offices.

Coworking Dogs

If having dogs can uplift people’s spirits at home, bringing dogs to the workplace can also have the same effect. Allowing dogs within a workplace is an innovative way to boost your employees’ morale and make work a little less tedious or boring. When you have happy employees, you can count on improved productivity, more satisfied clients, and better results.

This is especially true for coworking spaces. Dog-friendly workplaces can be beneficial not only for employees, but also for business owners who are looking for innovative ways to attract more customers in their coworking space. 

Within our Highland Heights location here at LaunchHouse, we are dog friendly. We have regular dogs that come in each day with our members and they have quickly become apart of the LaunchHouse family.

Still not convinced? Here are several benefits of having a dog-friendly coworking space:

Dogs Alleviate Stress

Some people stop in their tracks when they see a dog on the street. It makes them happy. In the workplace, having dogs can brighten up the environment. People usually get stressed out due to the demands of work. However, if people are allowed to bring their pets, the coworking space can be more fun and welcoming, promoting relaxation and reducing stress levels. Since people are happy to work in an environment with dogs, it contributes to improving their overall health and well-being.

Dogs Attract Millennial Customers

The business community is always on the lookout for strategies to attract millennials, which take the lion’s share of the total workforce. Some go the traditional route of accepting 9-5 jobs, while others are into freelancing or setting up their own business. You’ll usually see millennials in various coworking spaces that enable them to do their work without having to rent or buy space for an office.

If you own a coworking space, one way to attract more millennial customers is to allow them to bring their pet dogs to work. Not only does this promote productivity and improve their mood, but it can also help them save some cash since they don’t have to pay for doggie-daycare. It’s a win-win situation.

Dogs Encourage People To Be Social

At the office, it’s easy to get lost in your work, and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, interacting with people and sharing ideas is one of the many benefits of coworking spaces. Having dogs around is a great way to break the ice and start conversations with other pet owners. It’s an excellent avenue for networking and exchanging ideas with like-minded people.

It’s important to keep in mind though that not everyone is a dog-person and some may even be allergic. Be sure to have strict guidelines in place when having a dog-friendly environment.

Come visit our regular LaunchHouse pups and become a member of this happy environment!

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