Did you know that, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an estimated 10.3 million self-employed workers by 2026?

More and more people are choosing to become self-employed as it offers them more flexibility and power over when they work and how.

However, some people, such as freelancers and those who work at home, might experience loneliness. But luckily, coworking spaces can help combat social isolation in the workplace. Keep reading to find out more.

Coworking for Freelancers

More jobs are allowing their employees to work from home because employers are promoting a work-life balance and understand that their employees have lives outside of work. This flexibility is great for parents who need to pick up their children.

But it also benefits the company too, as two-thirds of managers report that employees who work from home increase their overall productivity.


Unfortunately, always working from home can decrease your productivity due to feelings of isolation and loneliness. Which is why some freelancers choose to work from coworking spaces for all, or some of the days during the working week.

Freelancer coworking spaces provide an alternative to home offices. You will often find a group of freelancers, self-employed workers, and anyone else, working in these spaces.

Benefits of Coworking for Freelancers

There are many coworking benefits for those who often work from home and are starting to feel lonely. For example, working amongst other people can help you relax and feel part of a group.

Improve Your Mental Health

One benefit of coworking is that it can improve your mental health because it allows you to see and talk to people during the day.

Sometimes a work issue may infuriate you or leave you very confused, and if you work from home you have nobody to talk to about your problems.

Coworking spaces are similar to offices in that you are able to walk to a different area, such as the kitchen, and talk to another human about your problems. Even if they can’t help, it still helps you to get it off your chest.

Provides Networking Opportunities

Another benefit of coworking spaces is that they provide you with networking opportunities. For example, there might be a content writer in the coworking space that can collaborate with you on your graphic design project that requires great copy.

You might also get invited to numerous events in your industry because you work at the coworking space. At these events, you can network and maybe get some new clients for your business.

Become More Productive

Coworking spaces can improve your mental and physical health, and as such, they can improve your productivity.

You are less productive if you feel lonely, sad, or depressed. But if you work in a coworking space that offers a great office feel and where you all help each other out, then you are more likely to feel happier and productive.

Learn more about how to make friends whilst coworking.

Coworking Can Reduce Loneliness

Coworking spaces are a great way to reduce loneliness during your working week. The best part about them is that you can choose when you go into the coworking office and when you work from home.

Find out more about how our coworking spaces work and talk to our team about getting your ideal workspace today.