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Coworking Space Private Office Details: How to find office space for small business

For Cleveland office space, LaunchHouse offers flexible small business office space with month-to-month leasing terms. Growing small businesses often can’t predict how many employees or how much space they might need in 3 months or a year. That’s where the flexible office space found in our coworking private office combination becomes beneficial. Our private offices are attached to our coworking area and office members get the same great coworking benefits with the addition of a private office. Our offices are approximately 12×10 square feet and if you need to scale up or scale down with us, we can help you do that. Many of our office members do a blend of coworking where some of their employees work in an office while others work in the open coworking space. For office space, Cleveland, our blend of coworking and private offices make LaunchHouse the ideal space to work.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Cleveland Office Space

For Cleveland office space, what are my options?

Right now, we have office space, Cleveland, we have space in our Highland Heights location on the east side. However, we are searching for office solutions at our West side location and other possible locations around the city of Cleveland. Please email us and we can give you up-to-date information on office availability.

Can you rent office space for a day?

If you need a completely closed-off private office for a day, we can’t do that. All of our offices are month-to-month. However, you can definitely work in our shared office space with us. Find out more here.

What are my options for leasing small business office space?

We currently offer month-to-month options for all of our offices. This gives entrepreneurs the room to grow their company without being locked into long-term leases.

Do you offer closed office space?

Yes, all of our offices come with locked doors (either key pad or key access). Each one gives you the privacy of a closed office with the option of coming out into the coworking space for breaks and conversation.

What options are available for a coworking space private office?

If you are a growing company that needs private offices and open coworking space for your employees we can definitely help you out. Each situation is unique and we can come up with the solution that works for you. Drop us an email and we’ll figure out a flexible solution that meets your needs.

How large are your offices?

Most are around 10 x 12 square feet.

Do your offices come fully furnished?

Mostly, no. While we have some furniture that you can use, we’ve found that it’s best for office occupants to furnish their own offices. Each person has their own preference for style and functionality in office furniture; feel free to have furniture shipped to our Highland Heights location for easy delivery.

What about the coworking aspect? Can I try LaunchHouse out for a day?

Sure, check out our Day Pass options.

Do I need to provide my own phone line for the office?

Most office users have cell phones but we also provide connections for VOIP connections.

Can I tear down the walls in the office?

Please don’t! However, if you need to make any changes to the structure of your office, we will need to get approval from our building owner to make those happen.

What do I do if I need to move out of the office before my rental period is up?

Just give us a reasonable amount of notice before moving out so that we can get it ready for the next tenant. With month-to-month leases, everything is paid on the first of each month and is good through the end.

How many people can occupy an office rental?

Most of our offices fit 1-2 people comfortably and it gets pretty tight at 3 people. It’s all up to you and your view on personal space.

What can I put on the walls of my office?

You can make minor changes to the walls to hang pictures or white boards. Just fill in the holes after you leave. For adhesives, anything that doesn’t leave tough residue and can be cleaned easily would be appreciated.