We’ve made some big changes at LaunchHouse with our membership options and we are pumped to share them with you.

These changes are being implemented at our Highland Heights location and the other locations may adopt them soon.

We realized that not everyone needs a coworking space 24×7 30 days a month.

So now we have flexible memberships based on the amount of time you need. Because each membership is month-to-month, you can upgrade or downgrade your membership to any option with at least 30-days’ notice.

Over the next few weeks we are going to email you about each membership type but we wanted you to know all of the options now. You might be thinking that you’ll start a new business in the New Year or finally commit to making that side hustle your main hustle.We can help you out and right now is the perfect time to sign up and try out coworking before you get too busy with the upcoming holidays.

All of our memberships below get you a professional mailing address and free admission to our Lunch and Learns and Happy Hours. More news to come in the next few weeks for our Events-only membership.

Our community comes with conference rooms, large monitors for your computers, all the snacks and coffee you could want, and a variety of open seating and private offices. Amenities may vary by location.

So let’s start with the easiest one, more of a way to get you in, but we want you to try out coworking for 7 days at only a cost of $7 to you! Click here to try us out with our 7 for 7 special offer. Once you try us out, feel free to choose the membership option below that works with your lifestyle and business.

The Full Menu of LaunchHouse Memberships:

Business Mailbox Membership: $30/month
If you just need a professional place to receive your mail, we’ve got you covered. Available on both the east and west side, get a professional address for your business. Plus, get a free day of coworking each month. This used to be called our “Community Membership,” but we found out that most people were getting the membership for the mailbox. Click here to learn more.

Night Membership: $110/month
Work at LaunchHouse from 5 PM until the morning comes Monday through Friday. This is the perfect solution for when home can get a bit too distracting in the evening or if you have clients on a time zone half a world away. We already have a vibrant night crew with Landi Industries and they would love more company. Click here for more information.

Weekend Membership: $75/month
From Friday to Sunday, come on in and work at LaunchHouse. We know you’re busy through the work with your main gig but why not use the weekends to get that project done you’ve been putting off for way too long? Truth be told, it’s a bit quieter at LaunchHouse on the weekends and it’s perfect for those that need to code, write, or design, in relative peace and quiet. Click here for more information

Side Hustle Special: Nights and Weekends: $125/month
Are you someone who works a main gig but needs both nights AND weekends for your side hustle? Then come work with us when everyone else is at home. Click here for more information

15 days a month: $90/month
We understand that you might not need our space every single day during a month and we wouldn’t you to pay for more than you use. So why not choose any 15 days and work out of LaunchHouse? Click here for more information

Freelancer special: $99/month
Are you a freelancer or a solopreneuer? Clients can be challenging with their payment schedules and cash flow isn’t always steady. So why pay full price for a coworking membership? Instead, join between now and February 1st of 2019 and you can get your coworking membership at $99/month. Click here for more information

Full Flex membership: $185/month
This is for people who know they’ll be using our space just about every day, some nights, and some weekends. Come and go as needed as many times per month. Click here for more information

Office memberships: $500-$600/month
We have a few office vacancies at Highland Heights and are building on with the next suite over! If you join month to month, you can get an office for $600/month. Commit for a year, and we’ll knock the monthly price down to $500. Office members can have up to two employees in their office and each additional one is just $25. You get access to our open coworking space, conference rooms, events, along with high speed wifi and reliable printing. Click here for more information

Not sure which membership is right for you but still want to try out LaunchHouse?

Try us out for just $7 for 7 days. Click here to get started.

If you have any questions, email us: info@lh.local


The LH Team