Meet Kelsey Rinehart, our new Marketing Coordinator at LaunchHouse!  Kelsey joined the LaunchHouse team last week and will be working closely with Todd and Marybeth to grow our membership base and expand the reach of the LaunchHouse brand through her marketing efforts.  Take some time to get to know Kelsey and welcome her to the LaunchHouse family!

What made you want to join the LaunchHouse team?  What are you most excited about doing here?

I wanted to join the LaunchHouse team because I really like the culture and the atmosphere. LaunchHouse is not your typical office or typical people.  It’s a creative company and I’m most excited to be able to be creative and bring in new ideas.  I know I’ll learn a lot from the members here too in other business areas.  I love to learn new things!

Where did you go to college and what did you major in?

I went to Ohio University and was in the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism.  My major was Strategic Communications.  It’s an amazing program and is well known across the country, which is one of the reasons I chose that major.  I really love social media and the creativeness of the communication field.  There’s a lot of diversity in communications and not every day is the same in a communication job.

What were you involved in outside of class at Ohio University?

I was a member of the Omicron Gamma chapter of Delta Zeta at Ohio University.  I met so many life-long friends and got to participate in some great philanthropy activities.  Our main philanthropies are The Painted Turtle Camp and The Starkey Hearing Foundation.  I was the sportswear chair for a year and loved being able to come up with designs for sportswear and see it come to life.

When you aren’t working, what do you do for fun?

When I’m not working I’m usually hanging out with my friends. You can usually find us drinking martinis at Bricco in Kent.  I’m also a movie addict and try to see as many as I can.  $5 movie Tuesdays are the best!

What’s your favorite place to be in Northeast Ohio?

My favorite place in Northeast Ohio is definitely Sweet Moses.  It’s an old-fashioned soda fountain and they have the best caramel sundaes.

How do you feel about Cleveland sports?

I’m a big Cleveland Cavaliers fan.  I was lucky enough to be in Cleveland for Game 7 of the championship.  It was amazing to run into the streets and hug complete strangers because we were so happy.  Cleveland deserved it so much and I will never forget that.

Tell us about your family.  Any siblings? 

I have a fairly big family!  I have four step sisters and one brother.  Luckily I have family that lives down south in Georgia and Florida so I can escape the cold Ohio weather whenever I feel like it!  My brother and I both went to OU and when he graduated he moved to Paris, France.

What are you passionate about?

Animals and baking are my passions. Since I love animals (especially dogs) and I always try to buy products that are cruelty-free.  If I didn’t go into communications I probably would have gone to culinary school.  I even got a KitchenAid mixer for my college graduation present!

What’s the best advice you ever got?

To listen to yourself.  I’ve heard it a million times from family members, but it’s the best advice you can take.  When I have to make tough decisions I always rely on that and not what other people say or think I should do.

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