Meet Seva Dorn, President of SevSolutions, a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in crafting beautiful websites, integrated marketing strategies, and consulting.  Seva was inspired to start his company because he wanted to share the knowledge he’s gained after over five years of experience in the digital marketing world.  Since starting SevSolutions, he’s had Michael Cash (on the right in the photo above) join him as their Director of Sales.

Seva has an entrepreneurial spirit, but he didn’t always want to become an entrepreneur.  He grew up in Belarus, and as a child, was always interested in doing things differently and finding opportunities to improve upon products and ideas.  As he grew older, he started dabbling in entrepreneurship, and started a print advertisement business, Platinum Marketing House.  Since then he’s started various e-commerce sites and of course, SevSolutions.  The biggest learning experience he’s had throughout his entrepreneurial journey?  Focus and keep moving forward.  “You’ll win some and lose some. You can’t let the negativities of business distract you from your goals. Negativities are inevitable; you just need to learn to deal with them and move forward.”

As any entrepreneur and freelancer knows, there are always going to be some setbacks and disappointments.  The road to success is not always straightforward.  Seva’s advice to other entrepreneurs is to take chances, embrace failure, and learn from your mistakes.  “One of the biggest obstacles when starting my business was experiencing failure.”  Seva feared the possibility of wasting his time and money.  “If this mindset followed me until today, I would be nowhere.  If you have an idea, just go out there and DO IT.  Experiment, play around, make mistakes…but don’t overthink it.”  Seva has been able to hedge against failure by surrounding himself with other more experienced entrepreneurs at LaunchHouse.  Brainstorming sessions, networking, and casual lunch conversations have all helped him and Michael grow SevSolutions.

Seva was inspired to join LaunchHouse after his first visit.  He came to one of our Tuesday lunch workshops, and appreciated the vibrant atmosphere and mentorship.  “LaunchHouse provides far more value than any traditional office space you can lease,” Seva notes.  “Just being able to come every day and get mentorship and feedback from everyone at LaunchHouse has not only been my favorite part, but also the most beneficial to my business.”

Seva joined LaunchHouse in September.  Since joining, one of his favorite memories was our annual Thanksgiving dinner.  Nearly fifty people attended, including members and their spouses, children, and dogs join us for dinner and drinks in the evening after work.  Seva enjoyed bonding with other members and hearing their “LaunchHouse stories.”  LaunchHouse is truly like a family, and this tradition showcases that each year.

Members who know Seva notice that he is always willing to help others.  You’ll often find him participating in brainstorming sessions, meeting with entrepreneurs when they want to improve their digital marketing strategies, and just rooting for the success of the people around him.  His actions are consistent with how he defines success.  “Success is about more than any amount of money you can acquire.  It’s about having the ability to genuinely make a difference in the community, and helping others.”  We appreciate this about Seva, and are happy to have him as a part of the LaunchHouse family.


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