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BY • POSTED March 21, 2019
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Tell me a bit about yourself, your company, and what you do.

My name is Anthony Milia. I started my Digital Marketing firm, Milia Marketing, about two years ago in September 2016. We specialize in three core services, Website Design & Strategy, Social Media Marketing & Targeting, , and Google Ads. We work with a wide range of industries anywhere from landscapers, lawyers, and trades, to large distribution facilities, consulting firms, e-commerce stores, software development, non-profits, and more.

Milia Marketing sheds light on sales and marketing challenges by creating solutions that drive qualified traffic and leads to clients’ businesses.

Our approach simplifies your online presence. We focus on listening to our customers. We strive to generate real-world results that actually matter for your business. You need a goal-focused marketing strategy. Your marketing efforts need to be focused, measurable, and in line with your organizational goals.

What drew you to LaunchHouse? What’s been your favorite part so far?

What drew me to LaunchHouse was the community aspect. It being the open concept it is and the people around LaunchHouse.

Great place to get work done.  The conference rooms are a big plus, being able to invite other people in my network to come and work out of the conference rooms and have  productive and efficient meetings utilizing the white boards. I would also say I connect with the community here, and enjoy working out of here, the time I spend here flies by. The people here feel like a board of directors, everyone provides good advice and helps when you have questions.

If you run a company, what has that been like? What advice do you have for others trying to start and run their own company?

It’s an emotional rollercoaster that you go through everyday. . Everyone is trying to out work you and get more market share than you. It definitely  takes a toll emotionally, as you have some successful weeks and then you have some terrible days, or months, and years. The psychological price you pay and go through when running a business is something you can’t compare or relate to many other fields.

One piece of advice I would give would be to just show up everyday. Just go at it everyday and have a to-do list. Be productive Monday through Sunday whatever you gotta do. 7 days a week. Just put in the work and eventually it will pay off, patience is key. Set expectations and always keep the clients/customers happy. Providing a lot of value early on goes a long way.

What has it been like to work outside of the typical corporate 9-5 job? What advice do you have for others considering coworking?

It’s flexible and you can set your own times, but the downside is you are able to set your own schedule.

I think that co-working keeps you accountable, however long you stay here everyone is working. It makes you feel like you should be working and not slacking off and watching YouTube videos. It’s good from an accountability perspective as you should be working and not getting sidetracked.

What is the best career or entrepreneur advice you ever received?

Just show up everyday and get after it. Continue to learn every day

What has been your biggest learning experience?

Really just running a business, everyday you’re learning about being involved in your business and you wear so many different hats. I’m always learning with the business, especially with my mistakes. Every day is a new learning experience. Improving your sales process, customer experience and client satisfaction, accounting, writing ability, marketing ability and expertise, processes…it goes on and on.

How do you define success?


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