As social media platforms have been maturing, it is getting tougher and tougher to gain traction on social media platforms, especially when it comes to creating fresh and unique ideas regularly to entice customers. 

The marketing industry is so crowded that hundreds of businesses are working day in and out for the same set of clicks and eyeballs. You have to prove to the customer that, out of the countless alternatives available, you are the best choice.

Today, in order to grow your business, you need to do better than your competition. And For that, you need to strategize your actions, successfully implement them into your marketing, and innovate your activities to stay as relevant and engaging as possible. 

So, How do you keep your feed from getting old and boring?

Here are some creative and unique ideas I’d love to share with you –

Keep Up With The Trends

There are a lot of different hashtags and topics that trend on each platform from time to time. Using hashtags that are relevant to your niche and audience will help you not only brand yourself in front of a bigger audience but also show your audience that their interests are being taken care of.

Let us say, for example, create videos, memes, or posts using a trending hashtag, or you might as well come up with your hashtag for it to trend. 

Create Series Posts 

Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, creating a series will keep your audience interested and allow you to interact with them daily, this keeps them keen to learn new things and help you understand your audience better. Thus, this keeps them entertained and engaged.  

Come up with Contest and Giveaways 

One of the most effective ways to gain a new audience and connect with the existing ones is by hosting giveaways. Humans love free stuff, and the fact that they get it by just following a page or tagging other friends doesn’t really harm anyone. Running occasional contests gives a spike to the number of followers and is quite impactful to enhance engagement. 

Ask Your Audience And Respond As Much As You Can 

Asking questions and engaging with your audience is a great way to learn about your audience’s ideas and needs. These sessions help you and your audience bond better and share each other’s knowledge and insights. In these sessions, you can talk about your brand, raise awareness, respond to your audience’s concerns, and so on.  

Team Up With Another Brand Or An Influencer

As we all know, influencer marketing is booming. Teaming up with an influencer and allowing them to take over for an hour or two through live q&a or videos to showcase your brand will not only be a fun activity for your audience but also get your brand a fresh set of eyeballs. Although, you have to take care that the influencer’s audience is relevant to yours. 

Also, co-marketing is another successful activity to get your brand the exposure it needs. Teaming up with another brand that isn’t your competitor but relevant enough to your targeted audience is a win-win. You could come up with a campaign, make videos, go live, or promote each other in your own way.  

Share Achievements 

Sharing your success stories and celebrating with your audience while thanking them to be a part of your success, will help them know about your growth and feel appreciated to be a part of it. 

Share & Repost 

On social media, it gets easy for the content to get repetitive. To avoid this, share posts, links, or creative content from other companies or brands that is relevant to your followers obviously with due credits. This will involve other brands to talk about your content and eventually involve their followers and fans, thus keeping the feed fresh. 

Create Impactful Videos And Memes

Nowadays, even a small video clip reaches a wide mass and performs better than what an image or text would. People love watching creative videos that keep them from boredom.

While creating a video ad, make sure that it’s creative enough to keep the audience intrigued and relevant enough for them to learn something from it and stay updated about your brand.

Humor on the other hand never tends to fail, come up with light-hearted content for your audience, and convey your messages to drive more odds. 

Run Exclusive Deals For Each Channel And Special Days

Running offers and deals on your social media channels will help you get a better understanding of which channel brings you the best returns and the spending potential of your audience on each channel.

Also, giving out codes for special events or festivals will help you build a better customer base and connect better with your audience on these occasions by giving a human touch to build a reputation.  


Give these social media ideas a try by injecting new life in your feed and dumping the old boring text content. Moreover, try to focus on adding value to your user’s feed and not blasting it with promotional posts. This will definitely help you strengthen your relationship and in time show fruitful results. 

By Javier Dixon