I have a business idea, how can LaunchHouse help me?

BY • POSTED October 2, 2018
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I have a business idea, how can LaunchHouse help me?

LaunchHouse strives to provide a foundation for YOUR success by creating a coworking community where entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers, and remote workers come together with a common goal…GROWTH.

Part of how this is done is through allowing community members to lead a brainstorming session. These sessions consist of someone pitching their idea in our workshop room. They are welcome to use the projector or white boards to help present their idea if applicable. During these sessions various LaunchHouse members will come in to listen and offer input. Our community thrives off the concept of helping one another. By bringing your work into a coworking space you are able to take your thoughts, ideas, questions, and concerns to a wide variety of expertise. We have helped people in and out of the LaunchHouse community dig deep into their business ideas. Ranging from brainstorm sessions about changing a company name, to people pitching a business idea who are unsure of what to do next. By coming together as a community we are able to listen and offer various types of input to help someone gain a better understanding of where they are going, what they need to do, and how they can further develop this idea and find their success.

One brainstorming session that stands out most was where we helped a group of young entrepreneurs figure out the next step for their business idea that they first presented it through a summer program. These eager young minds had such an enriching experience building this idea that they wanted to take it to the next level and turn it into something that wasn’t just on paper. A group of LaunchHouse members gathered in our workshop room face to face with a representative of the team who was seeking help. Through the use of our Smart TV we connected a laptop and opened up a live video chat with the rest of the representatives team. They pitched their idea to us with open minds ready to take in the comments and concerns of our members. While this idea was one that was out of my area of expertise I was able to provide some feedback stressing the importance of creating a BMC chart in order to have a clear and concise plan of what the problem is they are looking to solve, and how they plan on solving it. Another member who has an immense amount of experience with manufacturing and engineering was able to bring a lot to the table for these young minds. Other members provided networking opportunities by referring this group of young entrepreneurs to some people who would be beneficial to sit down and chat with. As many of their questions were being answered by various members of our community you could see the sparkle in their eye as they felt that they were truly grasping a better understanding of what the next step is for their idea.

These sessions really show the heart of LaunchHouse when the members come together during their work day to offer support to those in need. At LaunchHouse we have a wide variety of business owners and expertise. This ends up benefiting everyone in our community. When someone’s seeking a solution for a roadblock they are facing in the business world, the LaunchHouse community is able to help with a members own expertise or by having a connection to someone who could provide the guidance needed. These brainstorms really promote LaunchHouses mission “If you want to go fast, go alone, If you want to go far go together.”

Does LaunchHouse provide funding for startups?

While we do not offer funding anymore, we still want our community to thrive and GROW. In order for this to happen, if funding is needed we would typically start by referring a business to Jumpstart where they can find not only funding but other valuable resources to get them moving forward!

Does LaunchHouse Provide Mentoring?

Day in and day out the LaunchHouse community members are helping and mentoring one another along with those who come into LaunchHouse seeking guidance. We do not yet have a mentoring program put in place, but it is definitely something you may see in the near future.

Can LaunchHouse refer me to someone who can help my business?

LaunchHouse prides itself in our ability of using our connections and resources to those who are seeking guidance. We have a wide variety of businesses and expertise within our community. This allows us to help those in need to find the right mentor or input in the areas of their business they are struggling with. By having a collaborative community as one of the main building blocks of our foundation we are able to build and sustain relationships that can benefit the entire community.

LaunchHouse member Anthony Stedillie reviewed “Not only did LaunchHouse support every phase of my company, but they continue to support me every day by providing the relationships, education, and resources to ensure that I continue grow personally and in my business. Without LaunchHouse, I would not be where I am today.” LaunchHouse wants to see each and every member of our community succeed. We will use our resources and connections to help our members hurdle the challenges of the entrepreneurial world

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