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BY • POSTED June 14, 2017
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Hyr Medical, a LaunchHouse portfolio company officially launches today! Hyr Medical has developed a web-based platform to directly, efficiently and transparently connect physicians and hospitals for part-time work. What is the problem and how is Hyr Medical revolutionizing a solution? Read on to learn more!

The Problem

There is a lack of transparency into openings, hospital locations, and doctor rates. Consequently, rate haggling and paper-based processes only compound the problems. This leads to greater doctor shortages, higher rates of doctor burnout and more medical errors. Hyr Medical is working to solve this big and important problem.

Co-founder, Dr. Faris El-Khider, is a physician and occasionally picks up part-time (“locum”) shifts at hospitals in the NE Ohio region. He became very frustrated by the inefficiencies in the process and zeroed in on what Hyr Medical calls “the locum problem”. The doctor shortage in the United States is severe, and it is only getting worse year after year. The locum problem is in desperate need of a slick, transparent marketplace solution – and so that’s what they set out to create.

Cutting Out the Middle Man

Hyr Medical is bringing locum tenens into the 21st century by directly and efficiently connecting physicians and hospitals. Hospitals and physicians communicate directly on their platform. No more “middleman”. So, what does this effective and efficient process mean? It means lower costs for hospitals, higher rates for doctors, a much faster process, and improved patient care.

A Transparent Marketplace

Physicians and hospitals can finally search for each other. Physicians know exactly where and when shifts need to be covered. Hospitals know which physicians are available and qualified to cover shifts.

No Wage Haggling

Physician rates are set by an algorithm, which incorporates bonuses when physicians are needed the most. The secretive, inefficient, and inequitable process of haggling over rates will be a thing of the past.

Get Rewarded

Hyr Medical uses an algorithm to introduce physicians and facilitate “virtual physician-groups” formation. The team is rewarded with higher rates, and hospitals improve reliability and coverage.

Meet the Founders

There are currently 12 hospital facility opportunities on the platform waiting for qualified doctors to apply!

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