The world is still facing the pandemic, and it’s safe to say that businesses have never faced a crisis like this. Businesses across the globe are still trying to habituate the “new normal”. The COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdown has been both financially, and emotionally hard on individuals and many people have struggled with a limited source of income.

The lockdown presents a lot more hardships for business owners. A business owner is just not responsible for his income but may also be accountable for paying his employee members and maybe also to investors. 

It has become challenging for most businesses to keep their progress bar up during the lockdown period due to lost revenue and some uncertainty in the global financial crisis. Business owners need to buckle down and make changes in business strategies in a short period of time in order to shine bright in the competitive business world.

Here are few steps to improvise business strategies in light of the pandemic: 

The initial phase of Analysis

The first step is to analyze where your business was spending money before the COVID-19 and consider where to avoid that spending now in the crisis. There are even certain areas where business owners need to increase the cash flow after the pandemic as following the same and old business strategy won’t help businesses to shine in 2020. It is worth investing time in analysis and making decisions accordingly. 

Business owners seriously need to reconsider the capital flow of the business. How much budget to allocate depends upon the scale of the business. The uncertainty caused due to the pandemic can give rise to more financial anxiety. A business funding can help entrepreneurs tackle some of this uncertainty with well-structured funding planning.

There are still numerous investors searching for an opportunity to earn a return, it’s all highly influenced in your search for how to pitch your business idea. New potential investors may also add skills and experience to a business in addition to money.

Workforce or Employees 

Every business owner’s top priority is to have hard-working employees and in a time of crisis like lockdown, business owners need to establish how many staff are available to work in an office or remotely (work from home). Temporary policies should be in place for systematic maintenance of the absence of employees due to illness or illness of close family members.

Change in Customer/Potential Customer 

People hold off-center expectations from businesses in the new normal. People’s behavior changes as they might discontinue using prior products or services.  The best way to deal with the change in customer’s behavior during this time is by offering products or services that meet customer’s at home necessity.

Unfortunately, many businesses may not offer their major products or services remotely, but thinking of the long term the minor products or services offered will increase awareness among users and will help in building brand identity.

Tracking Competitors

Any business strategy is incomplete without consideration of the respective competitors. Keeping an eye on a competitor’s business strategy will boost up your chances to outsmart them. Business owners need to understand how their competitors are planning and implementing various new strategies. Perhaps act accordingly to entice their customers to become your customers!  

Adapt the new Digital Ecosystem

With an increase in people wanting to maintain social distancing, businesses are rapidly becoming reliant on digital marketing strategies. The first step to enhance the digital presence is building a website for business. The website build should be of good quality, to ensure a quality website one must know the importance of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) in business.

The need of an hour is to get digital as people are trying to avoid traveling and gathering even for the meetings or conferences. Facetime or video-calls are convenient options during the lockdown. Working from home is the new normal now hence strengthening digital presence might prove beneficial to various businesses around the world.    

Go Social!

In the time of the pandemic, people are virtually connected to each other through social media platforms. Social media platforms increase business visibility to potential customers.

In today’s world full of competition, social networks are one of the fastest-growing industries so it’s necessary to cope up with the latest trends. Social media platforms ensure your business to be in trend if done efficiently. All leading businesses have adequate teams of graphic designing and content creation for their business to grow online.

Be prepared for Setbacks

Businesses need to be prepared for worst-case scenarios in terms of finance or sales productivity.  If owners take the right steps, they can turn this situation into an opportunity and bounce back even stronger but nothing tests theory like reality. 

Patience is the key, what you do today may not have an immediate effect on business. Using valuable time for damage control will help entrepreneurs to survive this time of crisis.


Business owners need to sort every possible way to deal with the pandemic by analyzing customer needs, updating with the current affairs, tracking competitors, and also have to make sure to be part of the digital ecosystem. If entrepreneurs can, leverage this opportunity so that when the world starts moving like normal again they can have a strong spine in today’s marketplace.