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BY • POSTED July 26, 2018
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Finding new workers to fill vacant or new job openings has never been a straightforward affair. Getting responsible workers who will understand the values of the company and fit in your environment is a difficult task. Using local newspapers and job search websites solves the problem to an extent, but it does not eradicate the fact that one has to go through all the submitted documents to come up with an exact person who will satisfy the needs of your firm. Instead of using the traditional hiring process, which is considered time consuming and expensive, consider social hiring which has proven to be an essential tool in assisting the company in the following ways.

It is common knowledge that using local newspapers and job searching agencies has its benefits. However, it is also clear that the company has to part with a significant amount of dollars to acquire services through these methods. Adopting social intelligence recruitment, where one uses social media platforms to search and screen potential workers save cost because social media is entirely free. Using popular social media platforms helps the company to get good prospective workers who can fit the culture and environment of a company. This method saves money that can be used to enhance other aspects of the company.

Social hiring offers the company the chance to reach a large pool of potential candidates and conduct a thorough check before a real interview is arranged. The local newspaper will only be accessible to a small proportion of people within your locale, who might not have the skills and experience required to fulfill the expectations of the company. Given that your firm has an online presence in social media platforms, any job opening posted is likely to attract candidates even from different countries. This will give you an opportunity to select the most desirable candidate as compared to a situation where only a limited number is available for selection.

Social intelligence recruitment helps companies to attract talented individuals who are not actively looking for employment opportunities because they are probably working in another entity. Most of the candidates who submit their documents for consideration might not be talented enough to meet your criterion. Posting a job advert on social media platforms may attract a skilled person to consider changing his or her current company if your terms of service are favorable. Currently, the only method used in getting talented workers is headhunting, which has proven hard to bare for many organizations.

Social media hiring has also proven to be time conscious to different companies as they screen potential workers and develop a conclusion before conducting additional interviews. For example, undesirable traits might be detected in an individual’s social media platform, and the company may not need to do interviews with such individuals hence conducting physical interviews with few candidates who have a real chance of getting the job. Conducting background checks shortens the time between job availability and hiring.

Therefore, the above benefits highlight that organizations are significantly benefiting from social intelligence hiring more than they would do if they stick with traditional hiring approach.

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