LaunchHouse member Haowen GE met with Grace Roberts from 107.3 The Wave. Haowen explains a little bit about his entrepreneurial journey and how LaunchHouse has played a role. There’s nothing better than seeing LaunchHouse members growing within our collaborative coworking community. 



Grace: Here’s Haowen. He’s another member here at LaunchHouse. I want to talk about what you do, because you’re on the road so often, but LaunchHouse is just an amazing fit for you.

Haowen: Yeah.

Grace: So tell us who you are, introduce yourself and what you do.

Haowen: So my name is Haowen Ge. So my company called Haowen Culture Foundation. So we are education consulting companies. So our main thing that bothered me is I feel like disconnected before two cultures, from American culture and the Chinese. So what we are doing, we help [inaudible 00:02:54] in China. Be the hardest for them to find the school they’re looking, but there are so many schools, we want to find the school for their needs. So we’ll help them find their schools, we’re working with a lot top university in this area, Western reserve, high schools, we’re working with [inaudible 00:03:09]. all those schools. Helping them to get a transition, come to university and also we do a lot of cultural changing programs, where we have a lot of American kid, and learn about Chinese languages and the culture. They really have the open mind. I feel this is a really rewarding thing to do. And feel free to let us know, if anybody interested about the kind of programs, and let me know too.

Grace: Absolutely. How can we stay connected with you? How can we get more information about you and your company?

Haowen: Yeah, you can also, we have Linkedin, and also you can email me at,

Grace: Very nice. And you can find him here at LaunchHouse. Go lh.local. You might be on the start or something, right? This is amazing. LaunchHouse. So you’re on the road a lot though, Han Wen, you travel a lot. So this just works for you because you are traveling so much.

Haowen: Yeah, yeah.

Grace: And you have the collaborative and the network of people here.

Haowen: Yeah.

Grace: Would you say that what’s best for you and your traveling?

Haowen: Definitely because I will always want to find a place like this because I’ve been traveling like seven months per year to overseas. When I come back, I need a space to work in, and I found LaunchHouse and it’s amazing. It’s an energy place. Put your bright idea, get out from the house. And people help brainstorm to new ideas. It’s just amazing.

Grace: Absolutely.

Haowen: Yeah.

Grace: Thank you so much.

Haowen: No problem.

Grace: Thank you. That’s how it works. Brainstorming ideas, and you could be here. You could launch your next best idea.

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