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BY • POSTED November 9, 2018
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Creating a personal brand is no easy feat like a walk in the park. It takes a lot of courage, dedication, and commitment

—not to mention that it is a long-term work that many people skip creating one altogether because of it. In spite of that, it is undeniable that branding is one of the most important aspects of any large- or small-scale business.

Your brand creates a persona for the products and services that you offer, it differentiates you from the competitors that you have and helps consumers their purchasing decision. An effective brand strategy gives you an advantage and a major edge in the increasingly competitive market of the business world, but what do you know about it and how does it affect a business like yours?

What is Branding?

Before we delve into the things that you need to know about branding, you should know first about what branding means, whether or not you have understood the importance of the branding’s existence in your business. To start off, branding is described as the process of creating a unique name and image for a product in the consumer’s mind which aims to establish a significant and differentiated presence in the market.

To put it simply, it is the total sum of how customers perceive your products or services based on their interaction with you and your products. Keep it in mind that your brand is what you are really selling to the potential customers and not just a product or service that there may already be many existing providers. Building a strong brand can make any business stand out in competitive markets.

A marketing guru, Philip Kotler, stated that the art of marketing is about brand building that if you cannot establish a brand then you are just a commodity. This is the reason why a business should be able to establish a good branding scheme —to stand out amidst the sea of competitors.

Keep Feelings Associated in Branding

When thinking of a business that has a huge impact on the business world, you wouldn’t be thinking first about their product, do you? You first think about the brand. Know that any business that sells can do well, however, those who imprint in people’s mind through creating feelings and emotion gains more visibility and retains customers.

So, how can an entrepreneur apply this? Simple. The key is to build the business while keeping the feelings associated with your branding and product which you can do in several ways such as creating experiences, creating a sense of belonging, and through acting and communicating like a friend. These are just some of the ways in making an impact in the community while establishing your brand.

Key Elements of a Personal Brand

• Archetype. Refers to understanding the psychology behind your business’ persona. This is where most advertising agencies look into when building marketing campaigns or advertisements which greatly helps the promotion of the product and brand.

• Audience. Of course, your target market or the audiences are the ones who determine your status in your niche as well as how long will your business last. Which is why it is wise to understand their problems and provide them the solutions or desire they want, in this way you will be able to attract customers.

• Aesthetics. Designing a logo, picking colors, creating a website. Of course, you should consider these things carefully, but remember that your brand is more than a beautiful logo. Which is why you must establish a logo which will truly represent your brand and products’ personality.

• Activation. This is the implementation phase of the things discussed wherein your ideas turned into something real. Activation requires a marketing system that will help you achieve your business’ goals which includes brand launching, marketing, and other systems that might increase your visibility.

Innovative Logos and Impact

The primary role of logos is to be identified and makes the first impression on consumers. Logos and signages are considered to be important that according to some studies, 70 percent of consumers believe that logos and signages reflect the quality of its services or products offered.

Which is why it would be a drastic flaw if you do not have a good logo or signage.
To stand out from the rest of signages one should be creative and innovative enough. Why not try out some 3D business signs as a way to stand out from other establishments? It’s a fun way to make people see and be attracted to your establishment.


Surely, you’d want to do everything for your business to succeed right? Which is why having the proper information and the right knowledge that you should be equipped with is something that you should keep on looking for, so you’ll achieve a successful and strong established business.

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