Though more and more people are jumping at the opportunity to work remotely, the excitement is often fleeting. The cons of your office and home life intermingling slowly creep up until you are itching at the chance to leave the house. Here are 5 signs it’s time to use a coworking space.

1. You Miss Having a Community

One of the biggest disadvantages of working from home is the absence of coworkers. Having a community of people around you can boost morale and generate a feeling of belongingness since everyone is working towards one common goal. Without that, your relationship with your work can become strained, eventually taking a toll on your mental health. A coworking space may fill these gaps and allow you to meet people in entirely different industries from your own. You’ll walk into an instant support system of people that have all dealt with the woes of working from home.  

2. You Aren’t Being Productive

The distractions you face when working from home seem endless and can take start to affect your productivity. When you notice your work output is slipping, it may be time to move to a coworking space. By changing your scenery, you’ll remove the temptation of turning on the TV or doing chores around the house. You’ll instead be surrounded by people who are motivated to get their work done which in turn, will motivate you to stay on task. 

3. You’re Not Working Alone

Working from home can be conducive if you have a team of one, which is often not the case. Meetings and group projects will pop up from time to time sending you into a scramble to find a more professional space. If you purchase a membership to a co-working space, you can meet your small team or partner at the same location every time. Coworking spaces accommodate professional teams by providing conference rooms and private office for all of your important business decisions and presentations. 

4. You Need a Better Connection

Your work from home setup most likely does not include work from home IT support. If your internet goes out and you can’t connect to an important meeting or access the internet, you may be out of luck. The internet system at a dedicated coworking space is guaranteed to be more reliable, so you don’t have to worry about random outages or crashes. 

5. You Miss Getting Dressed

It sounds trivial, but taking the time to get dressed for the day can make a big difference. When you work from home, it’s easy to be lazy and throw on a pair of sweatpants or stay in your pajamas. Making the jump from lounge wear to professional wear can change your mindset and motivate you to act the part. Dress for success is a cliche for a reason!

Ready to Leave Behind the Cons of Working From Home? 

Though it sounds great at first, the cons of working from home can quickly pile up. Coworking provides a middle ground between commuting to an office every day and working from your living room. It is as much a professional environment as it is a social outlet. You’ll be reinvigorated and ready to take on the day all while making new connections. Please contact us anytime for more information about coworking.