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Our flex membership is our most popular Cleveland co working option and what many people think when they hear “coworking.” Some call it a co op office space. You get 24/7 access to our creative shared office space along with unlimited black and white printing (and all the snacks and coffee you want). Our members enjoy high-speed wifi along with a vibrant coworking community. If you are wondering if there is a “shared workspace near me” that answer is “yes” with your membership providing access to our east side Cleveland coworking and west side coworking locations.

The best part about working out of our space each day is that you can attend any event that’s going on at the space–it really makes getting to our Happy Hours pretty easy.

Our memberships are month-to-month without requiring long-term commitments.

Sign up for a Flex Membership by clicking here.

If you’d like to know more about LaunchHouse and would like a tour, schedule one below.

Flex Membership FAQs

Do I have to purchase a flex membership in order to obtain a business mailbox?

No, not any more. Mailboxes are included in flex memberships. However, if you just want to receive mail at LaunchHouse without a full membership, you can now sign up for a Business Mailbox Membership

Is it Cleveland Co Working or Coworking?

Spell it however you would like–we want you as part of our community.

Where is a shared workspace near me?

East side Cleveland Coworking: 675 Alpha Drive, Highland Heights, OH 44143
West side Cleveland Coworking: 1406 Westwood Avenue, Lakewood, OH 44107

Can I try out either space for a day?

Sure, you can purchase a single day pass or a set of five. Check out more information here.

How noisy can things get in a shared workspace?

We’ll be up front, parts of the day can get noisy. But there are portions of our workspace that are quieter than others and we have conference rooms for taking calls and private client meetings when necessary. You can find a balance of work and noise at LaunchHouse.

When can I access the shared workspace?

For our east side location, any time that the outdoor building is open–typically before 11 PM and after 6:30 AM. If you need special access during that time we can provide you with a key.

For our west side location, we have similar hours but are still working out some of the details. If you arrive between 8 and 5 PM, you should be able to access it.

Where do I sit while at LaunchHouse?

Anywhere that is open! We don’t do dedicated desks except with a few exceptions. Any open area is fair game for work.

I need help on a particular issue, who do I go to for that?

Each location has a Community Manager who can answer most day-to-day questions. You can also email: info@launchhouse.com for any question you might have and we’ll find the solution.

Are you a pet friendly coworking space?

Yes! We just ask that you fill out the dog registration form when you register and abide by the rules. For more information, just send us an email: info@launchhouse.com.

How often can I change my membership?

All of our membership options are month-to-month and you can upgrade or downgrade your membership any time through our coworking software. Need a private office? We can help you with that, too. Learn more here.

Where can I meet with clients?

We have large and small conference rooms that our members can book to use at no extra charge. Just sign up on the sheets outside of each room and you’re good to go.