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Are you looking to up your marketing game for your small food business? Join us on October 28th and hear from these professionals as they give us their best tips and tricks on how to make your product stand out to consumers!

Whether you are a startup or a scaling business, our panels’ diverse set of skills and background can give you the push you need to help successfully grow your consumer base.

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Panel Members:

Kristen Pokorny, Creative Director at Muse Headquarters
Katie Melnick, Partner at Fizz Creative
Jenny Kelley, VP of Sales & Marketing at Central Kitchen
Emily Baber, Marketing Director at Spice Hospitality Group


5:00 PM- Happy Hour
Use this time to meet with panel members, chit chat with other local entrepreneurs, and have some snacks or drinks before our panel begins.

5:45 PM-Begin taking your seats for the panel discussion. Don’t forget to fill up your glass!

6:00 PM- Panel Discussion Begins
Panel members bios will be read by Launchhouse staff and our panel members will have a chance to say a few words before we begin. We will have prepared a few questions for our panel members based on questions sent in by guests as well as some questions prepared by us.

6:45 PM- Open for questions!
Use this time to ask our panel members any & all questions you have about marketing!

7:00 PM- Panel ends. Feel free to walk around and network before heading home!