Launchhouse will continuing its Women In Business series with a panel discussion dedicated to women in the food industry!
Are you interested in learning more about the food industry and what it takes to stand out and be successful in a crowded market? Join us to hear from some local female entrepreneurs in food who have made their mark on the industry!
5:00 PM- Cocktail Hour
Try our panel members’ delicious treats, have some wine and network with other women in the industry.
5:45 PM-Begin taking your seats for the panel discussion.
Don’t forget to fill up your wine!
6:00 PM- Panel Discussion Begins
Panel members bios will be read by Launchhouse staff and our panel members will have a chance to say a few words before we begin. We will have prepared a few questions for our panel members based on questions sent in by guests as well as some questions prepared by us.
6:45 PM- Open for questions!
Use this time to ask our panel members any & all questions you have about their work!
7:00 PM- Panel ends.
Feel free to walk around and talk to people, have some more snacks and talk to more people before heading home!