The unique challenges facing women financially and how to overcome and come out ahead. Learn secrets of financial success that every female entrepreneur should know!

Sarit’s Bio:

Sarit Zamir is a licensed financial professional who is passionate about teaching women and families how to be financially savvy. Her common sense approach to finance helps empower people to take steps that significantly impact their financial future. She is a true “mompreneur” who reinvented herself after a career transition while her children were young and steadily grew her financial business through a divorce. Prior to running her own financial business, Sarit had over a decade of experience working in corporate finance and management in manufacturing and healthcare industries. While her children were in middle school, Sarit helped them start-up a successful healthy vending business where they were able to learn about business, save money for college and invest profits in the stock market.
For the past 14 years, Sarit is proud to represent a financial firm with numerous awards and recognition for diversity in the workplace and in the financial industry.  Her company was named as a Forbes top workplace for Women in 2019 and 2020 and received a Bloomberg award for gender diversity in financial services in 2020. In addition to hosting classes and workshops, Sarit is also involved in career coaching and committed to bring women into the male-dominated financial industry. She enjoys mentoring and training “Generation Z” for careers in finance and helping people through career changes and transitions.
Sarit grew up in Cleveland Heights and now lives in Beachwood Ohio with her 3 children, 2 dogs and a few rescued reptiles. She practices permaculture gardening and composting in her backyard and experiments with pickling methods in her kitchen. Sarit also enjoys reading books and traveling to quiet places.