Office Space For A Day

Drop into LaunchHouse on the east or west side to rent office space for a day. Coworking is the perfect solution for office space for entrepreneurs. Whether you need office co op space or temporary office space, we can help you out. Our coworking spaces in Cleveland have a mix of open work space and private offices. And we love it when people visit. Connect with us for a day pass, or a set of 5 to try us out, and come work with us. With locations on the east and west side of Cleveland, we can always say YES when you ask, “Is there temporary office space near me?”

After you purchase a day pass, you can come and work with us from 9-5 PM at either our east side coworking location (675 Alpha Drive, Highland Heights, Ohio) or west side coworking location (1406 Westwood Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio). Both places are the perfect solution for office space for entrepreneurs.

We also have two small conference rooms that people use for private calls and client meetings. Just sign up on the door for each one when you need it–maximum of two-hour increments.

Our snacks and coffee are open to day pass and monthly coworkers–help yourself!

Upon purchasing a day pass, you’ll receive an email from us with instructions on logging into the wifi and using the printer. For day pass users, we ask that you limit any copies you make to 25 black and white copies. If you need more, please talk to Jaudia Quinn or another member of the LaunchHouse team. We can all be reached at: if you need to contact us before coming in.

Ready to work with us?

Purchase a day pass or set of 5 by clicking here.

If you’d like to know more about LaunchHouse and would like a tour, schedule one below.


Frequently Asked Questions About Day Passes and Office Space for Entrepreneurs:


When can I use a day pass?

When purchasing a day pass you can use it the day of, or any other day to gain access to the office co op space. If you purchase a grouping of passes you do not have to use them consecutively.

Are there more options than just one day?

Yes, pack of 5 to try out the space; 5 for $50 ($75 value). If you like working out of here, we will credit the amount for those passes towards your first month’s membership fee. Click here to purchase.

What amenities are included in the day pass?

The following are included with the purchase of a day pass:

  • Flexible workspace
  • Limited B&W printing
  • Fiber Internet
  • Unlimited coffee
  • Full kitchen

Can I rent office space for a day?

Yes! If you are looking for a flexible office without the strings LaunchHouse has the space for you. By purchasing a day pass you can come in and work in the flexible coworking spaces when you need it.

Do you offer temporary office space near me?

We currently have two locations of LaunchHouse, Highland Heights and Lakewood, where we offer coworking spaces in the Cleveland community.

Can I rent office co op space for a day?

Yes! We love inviting entrepreneurs to work with us and see what LaunchHouse is all about. By purchasing a day pass you will gain access to the office flex space for a day, redeemable at your convenience.

Can I rent an office by the hour?

Our space is open 9-5 each day for day pass users. We have conference rooms that you can use as well to meet clients or do sprints of work if needed.

How do I get office space for entrepreneurs to rent by the day?

You can purchase a day pass by clicking here. Choose your location and follow the directions provided.