I love creativity, and artists are often emotional, creative, and sensitive souls.

This is what I firmly believe about them – they hold the best talent that lies well beyond the office job, and they were put on this earth to do other things than the actual work.

You may be amazed by the luxurious lifestyle celebrities live.

However, in reality, few people never get the opportunity to do what they really want to do in life. That is because they cannot pay the bills with their art and therefore cannot opt for this profession.

Many creative artists put across their work on social media pages and LinkedIn groups because they enjoy the process and getting their works noticed by others.

As Steven Eisenberg puts it, “The entertainment industry is notoriously difficult to break into…” so, what you need to do is get stubborn with your work so that your talent gets discovered and people acknowledge it.

And this is where video marketing comes into play for artists like you to get the recognition you want from people.

Video marketing should be acknowledged if you want to make a big impact on modeling agencies, recruiters, and production houses. The best way to achieve this is to show the best techniques you use. Here you’ll find more pointers to help you pursue your goals.

Short is sweet.

We all have heard this quote and it is in fact true. The best way to make your video successful is to frame a short and sweet video.

As per a few reports, most people usually begin to lose interest after eight seconds or so. What does that mean for you?

Everything that floats instant or quick will gain an advantage.

If you’ve recorded some longer ones, you must cut them up into smaller segments and post every other day as a series.

If you are primarily active on YouTube, use the editing traits. You can add on the comments, different effects to make it more attractive and you will have your video go viral in no time.

One real hurdle is the extremely short attention span of the potential viewers. That’s why the initial few tricks are so important. To be more popular like other influencers, just start off with an interesting array to grab their attention.

Quality matters.

Creative content and memorable experience are the keys to compose a great video that will definitely go viral.

To make the video viral or to get observed by people, it doesn’t ask a modern professional camera or those ring lights. People will see and share your video with their friends only if the displayed story is hilarious and endures positive intent. 

Yes, if you’ve got a paycheck recently and want to go out with a discount code available on your credit card, you can try a quality video camera or editing tool on your smartphone(the only thing that is required to make a video).

People get engaged with pleasant and compelling videos with an estimable message, not boring advertisements. You can continually increase your pageviews and shares by always providing exceptional videos.

The only thing you need to do is work hard to create good quality content, and remember to always ask for advice and ideas when you feel comfortable. The more you involve your followers in the creation process, the more support you will receive.

Capture your moment & the audience’s impression.

Get your audience’s attention in the first 5-10 seconds, starting with a question from your video, an engaging story, or talking about what they’re learning from the entire video.

Sharing such content will make it more attractive for the users. In the future, this will give you the opportunity to interview experts and/or document your skills/talent. If you are attempting a talk, strive to have it recorded.

Come up with an immeasurable grounding and summing-up for your video. Include your personal information like who you are, your website or blog name, and the video topic. To finish, say the blog name again and approach them why they should subscribe to your channel so that viewers will go to your site and get more information about you.                                                             

Do care and share.

Remember to share the video wherever you can. Start the promotion by sharing your visual work with your friends, communities, and family. Also, make a new story on your Instagram profile about your new videos. 

Finally, don’t neglect must-see video sharing platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and any others where your targeted audience spends time. The foremost thing is to take your video out to the heaps. 

Add CTAs.

CTAs bring the business for you, allowing viewers to take the next step to reach out to you. Let your viewers know that a new segment (new video/audio/recording) is waiting for them at your website and that they can view or download it right now. 

Give clear, compact directions about the next step to ensure that they can follow through as soon as possible and reach the right place. 

If Relevant, Use Voice-over Function.

To relate yourself with something, you need a native pronunciation, with the same accent and language. You’re probably doing it to deliver your message in an appealing way to grab the attention of your audiences. You need to focus both on the voice, and the face, because this combination will get your video an edge over other similar sorts of videos running around Facebook live, Instagram stories, and YouTube.

Add a Friendly Human Touch.

When you’re working on personalized videos, you must be yourself as well as transparent. Viewers are interested in getting to determine who you really are, what’s your passion, and more about your work. The more they know you, the more spark you’ll receive. Industry folks and production studios will also remember you as they will be regularly noticing you.


Select a mere soundtrack. Recall some of the memorable advertisements you’ve seen in your feed, and you’ll soon discover the positive impression that music can have. 

Add some relevant music to your videos. This gets your videos turned to be more powerful and engaging for your viewers. If you’re not the ease with emerging onscreen, this also accommodates.

Over to You…

Videos can do their magic to circulate your demo shoot and previous work to so many possible reps globally. You intend to make connections in the industry and get noticed by recruiting agencies all over the world. What’s a better way of promoting your talent to grab the attention of industry folks?

Videos and you enter into their world…

BIO – Bethany works with a talent management agency, JBS, and follows Sarah Golding and Lauren Cornelius from the voice-over industry represented by Squawk Voices, London. Lauren also co-created a web series titled That’s What She Said.