It is no secret that marketing plays a key role in the majority of cases nowadays. It is so developed today that there are hundreds of applications, thousands of guides, millions of tutorials on this topic. However, not all these things help to promote a brand. It is important not only to get knowledge but to also use it in the right way. And if everything is clear with huge businesses, as they can dispose of great sums of money and entrust a promotion to hired specialists, what should a small company do? What we offer is content marketing that has a great future. Actually, it is used for building a closer relationship with future customers using content. So, let’s consider the most proficient promotion ideas in more detail.

How it works

In the first place, you generate some special content. Then you decide where to post it. People come and get acquainted with your information and click on it. If it is eye-catching, people will come back to see more. Now you have strong bonds with your future clients. If they need to buy something, they will come to you.

Types of content

It seems that there is no need to remind you about it, but first of all, you should produce high-grade material. It should be striking and unique. Probably, you cannot reinvent the wheel but you can file a product in your own manner. If you analyze numerous popular brands, top sneakers, or bags, you will see that there is nothing special in them. It is only the right marketing that matters. So, it should be not only bright but also diverse.

  • Do not concentrate only on sales.
    • Your sites should also be entertaining. We advise you to create a blog on your webpage and share useful information with your clients.
  • One more type of useful information is “how-to” articles.
    • Give people practical tips that they can actually apply in their lives. It will be perfect if you give tips connected with your product. For instance, if you sell sauces, you can give people recipes of dishes that would include them. If you have a beauty salon, give people some life hacks for home care.
  • Make videos that will be etched in people’s minds.
      • Make the overviews of your products, small advertisements, teach people the right ways to use them, and so on.
  • People are also interested in “behind-the-scenes” moments to know how things are happening.
    • You can show your followers the process of production and packaging. It would be perfect if your brand had a face. You know that today a personal brand plays a key role in numerous kinds of business. Your future clients will trust you more if you present your actual self or tell the story of your brand from an owner’s perspective. But pay attention to the quality of the posted images – these should be perfect and edited images. You can edit the images by yourself in Photoshop and Lightroom, and if you do not have such skills, you can order photo editing by professional retouch artists. 
  • Make questionnaires in your social media profiles.
    • Ask people what’s on their minds, what they expect of your product, what they appreciate, and what they do not like. Show people that their opinion is a top priority for you.
  • Make a list with the exact reasons why people should buy your product and how it can be useful in their lives.
    • You should solve client’s problems to attract them.
Where to post

Of course, as a businessperson, you should have your own website. It must neither be very expensive nor offer people a plenty of functions but it must represent the main benefits of your brand and give people the opportunity to purchase your product.

You should also have several social media accounts. The choice of social media depends on the kind of your occupation. If you have an info-business, YouTube will be perfect for you. Instagram is famous for its great sales. People sell beauty products, clothes, pets, and everything that you may need there. LinkedIn is good for B2B deals. Pinterest will be nice if you post fashionable looks and other aesthetically attractive images. And of course, every platform has its rules. You should post regularly, be fascinating, interact with bloggers and influencers, and so on.

As you know, it is important to get as many backlinks as you can. In such a way, more people will know about your product. Of course, you can cooperate with bloggers. But there is one more effective way to promote your brand and it is guest posting. To use this method, you should make a research and search for publishers who are engaged in your niche. It is of great importance because there is no use promoting your cooking classes on Autoblog. It seems that it is very easy but you can trust us: doing it by yourself, chances are high that you’d spend way too much time and money.

Fortunately, you have an alternative. That is special guest post services. One of such services is Adsy – a platform that will give you professional help in your marketing campaign. First of all, with them, you get a great choice of publishers for any topic. Then, you get writers who are always ready to work with you, so you do not have to spend time on long and tedious negotiations. It is also affordable and saves you a lot of time. Moreover, you can use Adsy’s referral program to earn up to $1000 per month for your enterprise. The more people you invite to try out a great service, the more money you can earn.


Most of all, people trust product reviews. Moreover, if the reviews contain informative photos to validate them, it is a perfect motivation for purchase. It is strongly recommended to inspire people to leave their feedback on your site, social platforms, other blogs, websites with recommendations, and so on. How do you do it? Send some influencers free trial samples as giveaways, and, if they appreciate them, they will post informative posts about your brand. You should also offer your guests a discount for the next purchase or some other bonus for leaving text feedback, a photo, or even video review.

All in all, you can see that content marketing is not only an effective tool for your small enterprise but also money and time-saving method. If you do everything sensibly, you can quickly scale your business and make a name for yourself. Nonetheless, you should remember that it is a huge work that should be complex and consist of numerous small details. And sometimes it is better to rely on professionals that will not only save your money but also give you a result.

Marie Barnes is a writer for gearyoda. She is an enthusiastic blogger interested in writing about technology, social media, work, travel, lifestyle, and current affairs.