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A lot of small empires are being built right now with the free time people have outside of their 9-to-5’s.

We’re in the side hustle revolution, and there are more ways than ever to turn an idea into a business. While you might night have a lot of business capital to get started, you do have access to a powerful form of capital that can work magic if you use it correctly — time.

Learning how to manage time with a side hustle is the secret to turning an idea into a bonafide successful business. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Journal Out Your Days, Weeks, Months and Thoughts

Journaling can work miracles if you do it correctly.

When you journal, you free your mind of its clutter, while putting thoughts into a tangible and workable form. This helps you to make sense of your problems and plan out goals that you can achieve.

Keeping a journal also lets you jot your thoughts so that they don’t wander as much and lead to anxiety. This is key because anxiety is both a known cause of procrastination and a productivity killer.

Make your vision plain on the pages of your journal, and it will make the steps of building your business seem achievable.

There are many forms of journaling you can adopt. Many people have found success with morning pages, as explained in the book The Artist’s Way. You might also find success with the Bullet Journal if you’re seeking a more scientific, customizable approach.

Either way, making journaling part of your regular life will pay huge dividends and help you manage your time.

Cut Out Your Time-Wasting Activities

If you’re a human being in today’s world, you most definitely have time-wasting habits that need to be addressed. We are inundated with information and technology, habitually check our phones and social media pages, and don’t have the attention spans of previous generations.

When you become aware of your time-wasting, you will see just how much productivity you are leaving on the table. Since you already have a 9-to-5, you have precious few hours to build your business on the side.

Cut out the time-wasting activities and you’ll make better use of the time you do have. There are lots of apps and widgets you can install that will block time-wasting sites and help keep you on task.

You may also try the Pomodoro method, which involves setting a timer and taking periodic breaks to remain productive.

Take Up Meditation and Get Plenty of Exercise

The dream of the side hustle is for it to eventually become your job. The life of an entrepreneur often involves burning the candle on both ends when getting your gig off the ground.

As such, you will need to take care of your mind and body so that you have the energy and focus to get it done. Taking up some form of meditation is known to keep your stress levels low. This will help you keep your mind from wandering when it’s time to build your side business each day.

Physical exercise also decreases your stress and helps you enter into productive flow states. Exercise boosts your endorphins and positivity hormones, which put your brain waves in a creative state.

Adding this habit to your life will help you create magic and overcome adversity when hacking away at your side hustle.

How to Manage Time With a Side Hustle

Use these gems of wisdom when you want to learn how to manage time with a side hustle. A side hustle is a labor of love, and it’ll take the right mindset and approach to stick to it.

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