By LaunchHouse

When it comes to starting your own business, many things need to be taken into consideration: the product, the processes, and the place. The first two are generally thought about well ahead of time; however, the last one is a topic that deserves more thought.

Should you buy your own building, or would it be better to join a co-working space? The latter is becoming an increasingly popular option, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits of joining coworking space.

Shared Office Space

Smaller businesses are turning to shared office space to help cut costs. Often these shared spaces are owned by third parties and rented out to individuals and companies for a lower price than what it would take for them to purchase and maintain their own building.

The design of a shared workspace fluctuates, and some can be customized to fit your needs. If needed, there are usually conference rooms available to businesses who need larger meeting space — private offices for those who need.

Some balk at the idea of working in a shared space, thinking that they can simply work from home with the same benefits for no cost, but some benefits often go overlooked.

Benefits of Joining A Coworking Space

These shared workspaces are the perfect answer to those who need the professional environment yet do not require their own building. These spaces are ready-made with conference areas, private offices, professional lobby areas, common areas for business owners. Many are set up with phones, computers, and other vital office equipment that keep an office running on a day to day basis.

There are also the unseen benefits of a shared coworking space. Studies show that isolation can be detrimental to the employee and costly for the employer. When a worker is isolated from other individuals’ they can become sluggish and unproductive. Unproductive employees lead to slower processes and a possible strain on a companies’ bottom line.

In a shared workspace, often you will find that you are more productive as the atmosphere is professional compared to working from a home office or a local coffee shop. There are other professionals around that are motivated and help to create a space where success is the common goal.

The Answer is Simple

With many benefits to co-working spaces, we find they are growing in popularity. It’ a great way for larger companies and small business owners to keep their overhead costs low. When you stop to list out the benefits of joining a coworking space fully, you will find there are far more benefits than obstacles.

When it comes to an employee’s mental health, companies will do better to invest upfront for shared working spaces than to pay the price on the back end with disengaged employees. This benefit alone is difficult to ignore.

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