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The Business Mailbox Membership (or how to get a physical address for your business):

If you are wondering how to get a business address for your business, LaunchHouse can help you out. We wanted to make it easier for how to get a business mailing address. Sometimes you might not need a dedicated place to work but need a spot to pick up your mail. We offer secure mailboxes for business. We used to call this our “Community Membership” but we’ve since changed to Mailbox Membership. Now, it’s easier for you when figuring out how to get a physical address for your business. Many people who approached us just needed a business address and a place to work out of infrequently. Pick up your mail and join us for a free day of coworking each month. If you have a virtual office Cleveland, you can have a physical space to pick up your mail each month.

Can I get a free business mailbox?

It’s included with the mailbox membership at $30/month. In addition to being able to pick up your mail at either location, you get a free day of coworking at any time during the month.

How to get a business mailing address:

First, sign up for our Business Mailbox Membership and then do the following depending on the location you want to use:

For either location you may use the physical address of LaunchHouse as your business address.

For business addresses on the east side, you would use the following format:

<Your Business Name>
675 Alpha Drive, Suite E
Highland Heights, OH 44143

For business addresses on the west side, you would use the following format:

<Your Business Name>
1406 Westwood Avenue, Suite 104
Lakewood, OH 44107

When can I pick up my mail?

For each location, during any time that the building is open. Your safest bet is during normal business hours but please check with each location as to when you can access the building.

How do I get a small business mailbox?

Just join here and give us your information and we’ll set you up with a mailbox at either location. It may take 1-3 business days to set up and label your box but we will work quickly to help you out.

How to get a physical address for your business…

For how to get a physical address for your business, you can register your official address with the US Post Office to have your mail sent to either LaunchHouse location.

Do I have to get a mailbox?

No, you don’t have to, but the option is always there. You can use this membership for one day of free coworking per month. Of course, you are always invited to our free happy hours and Lunch and Learns as a member of the LaunchHouse community.

What do I get beyond the mailbox address as part of my membership?

We will make sure to include you on all of our member emails for exclusive outings and events. In addition, you can use LaunchHouse one day per month for a free day of coworking. If there are member discounts on classes or other services, you’ll get those, too!

Do you offer secure mailboxes for business?

Yes. Each one is behind a locked door and are monitored by the community managers at each location.

Can I add more people onto my mail account?

Yes, just email us and we will put their names onto the mailbox (as long as they are part of your business).

For getting a virtual office, Cleveland, who can I go to for similar services?

We partner with Opus Virtual Office Solutions and they can help you out with other business services (including mail pickup at LaunchHouse).

What other membership options are available if I need a space to work rather than just business mailbox services?

If you want to try out LaunchHouse for more than a day, you can get a set of 5 day passes for $50 ($75 value). Click here to purchase.

You can become a flex member where you get 24/7 access to both LaunchHouse locations (east side coworking and west side coworking). Click here for more information.

You can also get a private office at our Highland Heights location. Click here to learn more.