Better Together: How Coworking Can Increase Your Employees’ Productivity

BY • POSTED June 27, 2019
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The number of coworking spaces will have doubled by 2022 compared to two years ago. Sharing office space has become one of the fastest growing work trends of this decade.

Building relationships at the office is at the core of coworking productivity. That’s because it’s how we get leads, make contacts and find solutions. In short, the whole concept creates invaluable synergies. Here’s how it can benefit a business.

Bringing People Together

Coworking spaces are places where independent professionals can work alongside one another. This enables people to work on their own projects but in a vibrant and creative environment. This kind of workplace exposes staff to new ideas.

It generates more value for a business and that benefits productivity. Networking amongst coworkers becomes part of normal life. That means more useful contacts.

Breaking down Barriers

Many of the problems faced by businesses have similar solutions. This can apply even when the nature of the business is different. Sharing problems can open up a mechanism for finding new solutions. 

What works in one company could work in another with a little tweaking. Talking through difficulties even at the coffee machine could generate a new approach. It also creates a sense of community and belonging.

Being honest and open is sometimes easier between those working for different organizations. There’s less worry about divulging secrets or displaying anxiety.

A Common Sense of Professionalism

When you work from a common workplace, it can give out positive signals to others. Working from home or from a coffee shop may not have the same effect. It’s also healthy to have a degree of physical separation between work and leisure.

A ‘real’ office workspace brings legitimacy to your profession. It makes a great impression in the eyes of colleagues and clients. When a company bases its office in a good location, it adds a sense of pride and confidence. 

Flexible office spaces that have been well-designed means happier staff. It’s easier than you might think to create a pleasant place to work. Adding plants to an office, for example, can improve the memory retention of workers in a dramatic way.

Employees Feel Valued

It could be that a business needs a small satellite operation in a different city. Giving the team a coworking environment adds value. It shows a company thinks all its employees are worth investing in. This can also affect how workers identify with their companies in a positive way.

Creating a Positive Impression

Coworking spaces are quite a recent concept. They are often perceived as fashionable and as being associated with start-up businesses. This helps organizations look future-focused.

This way of working creates an energetic impression. Others may well perceive the company as one that’s young and open to new ways of working. That will fit the business model and increase productivity. 

Coworking Productivity Is Better for Business

There’s more to coworking than sharing space. Sharing office space can bring creative benefits and fresh ideas. All of this can have a positive impact on coworking productivity.

Find out more here about whether a coworking office would be better for your business. 

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