Benefits of Coworking at LH

Are you a freelancer, small business owner, remote worker, or simply feel as if you don’t fit into that neat corporate box? Do you find it hard to focus on the work that needs to get done, while working from the convenience of your home? Maybe the comfort of your home doesn’t enhance your work but takes away from it. If you find your work might be suffering due to where you’re located when doing it, then maybe you should look into the benefits of Coworking with LaunchHouse!  Coworking with LaunchHouse aims to create a comfortable, collaborative community. We provide an array of amenities to allow our members to get the most out of the workday.

   Do you have free wifi?

Yes! We provide Spectrum High-Speed wifi for business for our members to connect to. We will provide you with the password for you to use to log in on any of your devices. As we get more user we will upgrade the internet as necessary in order to accommodate our member’s needs.

   What about free snacks and coffee?

Yes! We offer unlimited free coffee as well as a wide variety of free snacks for ALL members of the LaunchHouse community. Who doesn’t like free food and beverages?!

   Do you charge for your MakerSpace?

With a membership to LH, you are granted access to our MakerSpace without an additional cost. However, if you aren’t a member of LH but are looking for space for meetings, calls, work, etc, you can rent it out without a membership. Just speak to one of our team members about what you’re looking for!

   Does a membership include access to the different LH locations?

Yes, when you have a day pass or a flex membership you are granted access to different LH locations. Your memberships are NOT location specific, you are given the freedom and flexibility to work out of whatever location suits your schedule best. We are looking to provide a convenient, collaborative, community for you to work, learn, and grow out of at ALL of our LaunchHouse locations. With our flex membership, you are also granted 24/7 access to any LH location. So if you find yourself being one of those night owls who want to work hard throughout the evening, you can still enjoy all the benefits LH provides at your convenience.

Coworking at LaunchHouse has many benefits. I’d say the most rewarding benefit of them all isn’t the amazing free snacks and coffee whenever you want it, or being able to access different LH locations, but the benefits that come along with our foundation built upon a community. Having a technical issue? Need financial advice? Manufacturing question? If you’re feeling lost you don’t have to take your problems to Google or make a phone call, simply ask one of your fellow LaunchHouse members. With the wide variety of expertise that flows through LH someone either has the capability of providing assistance or knows someone who can! Network, network, NETWORK! When interviewing LaunchHouse members Jay Apple and Wayne Rothman with Tenant Magic, Wayne told me a story of how he was having a technical issue with coding. Jay was talking about it with another member who mentioned that he knew someone who could fix the bug. The member handed off a business card of his connection and boom, their problem was solved. This is just a slight glimpse of how the Community at LaunchHouse has a large scale of benefits. Everyone at LaunchHouse is looking to learn and grow alongside one another.

If you feel that your work could be enhanced by a new environment, visit: and book a tour today.