Actionable Steps that Will Help Your Startup Thrive

BY • POSTED January 8, 2019
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Actionable Steps that Will Help Your Startup Thrive

Every brand we love and stay loyal to has started out as a mere idea. It’s the steps that followed after its inception that determined its success and survival, while many brands around it faded into oblivion. So, if you know what to sell and you have defined your dream business, there is still a long road ahead in order to ensure that you’ll stay above the surface long enough to win over the hearts and minds of your audience.

However, thanks to these successful brand giants, we now know the best practices that can lower your risk of failure and increase your chances to succeed. Let’s delve deeper into these critical areas, and then it’s up to you to push your brand forward with the help of these vital strategies!

Know the market

While many business owners would like to appeal to everyone, it’s highly unlikely to create a brand that is ideal in everyone’s eyes. Even if you aim wide with your brand target audience, you still need to spend a fair amount of your time getting to know your potential customers and their online and offline habits. In addition to comparing and contrasting your competitors’ audience, you can get access to online directories for more in-depth research.

During this phase, you’ll also get a glimpse into the resources you will need in order to grow your business from the ground up. From the best marketing outlets, communication channels, all the way to ideal collaborations and possible partners, you’ll soon know what the best way will be to build your brand, and the budget you’ll need to grow it.

No moving forward without a brand

Now that you know your audience better, you also know how your product or service fits into their lives. While not every idea is the epitome of cutting-edge, you can still find a gap in the market to meet their needs better than the existing products in your niche.

It’s time to define your purpose, mission, and vision, give your brand a visual identity, and a storytelling angle that will make your business more appealing and relatable. Find your common ground, the sore you intend to heal with your business, and a way to convey that message to your future customers – this provides them with an emotional foundation to give your business a chance.

Build a powerful financial strategy

Kick-starting any business requires initial capital. Most new startups rely on the owner’s savings and a certain amount of financial help from friends and family. However, you can also look into angel investors, as well as crowdfunding to ensure a proper influx of cash to your business as it grows.

On the other hand, a smart startup owner should also consider future expenses and potential setbacks. What if some of your early customers don’t pay their invoices in the given timeframe? You’re looking at days without any working capital. You can rely on invoice finance to cover these irregularities and keep your business afloat until your clients pay for your services in full. Such contingencies can help your business thrive well beyond the initial stage of financing, hence the need to take every possible setback into consideration even before you kick-start your brand.

A comprehensive marketing strategy

You have two pieces of a very complex puzzle: knowledge of the target market and a brand to impress the said market. All you now need, with the help of your working capital, is to build a marketing strategy that will shed some light on your brand and make some noise around your business. In the modern world, that means covering everything from SEO strategies, innovative content creation, all the way to social media posting schedules.

You will also need to consider, research, and invest in paid marketing efforts such as pay-per-click advertising and offline ads on billboards or radio stations in case your particular business would benefit from it. Email campaigns are exceptionally effective from the get-go, so you need to structure your entire marketing strategy to correspond with your needs.

Build a consistent digital presence

With a strong, well-defined brand identity to work with, it shouldn’t be a problem to launch it across all channels. However, in addition to going live, it’s necessary for all these components to send the same message and evoke the same emotions. Inconsistency is one of the biggest issues a new brand can face, and the best way to handle it is prevention.

Make sure that your website, social pages, printed content, office space as well as your mobile apps all reflect the same brand values, use the same language, and have a user-friendly structure. The goal is to have your audience recognize your brand in a fraction of a second based on your brand colors, fonts, as well as imagery composition. Don’t worry, this still leaves plenty of wiggle room for innovation. Just look at Coca-Cola and their approach – few brands have shown that amount of consistency paired with creativity and innovation.

Surround yourself with the best crew

Your own knowledge, passion, and expertise cannot compensate for the lack of the very same qualities in your team. First and foremost, look into hiring the staff for roles that you cannot fulfill, such as accounting, legal, content creation, and the like. Once you have the backbone of your business, you can start to expand on more people who will deal with the services you offer.

Keep your options open, as your business is still in its early development years. That means that you might benefit from working on a project basis with freelancers rather than hiring someone full-time in the first several years, and you can always expand that collaboration once you have the means and the space to do that. Keep in mind that the people you choose to work with should share your values above anything else, as they will be the first brand ambassadors for your business and the key people to carve your reputation.

It takes time and diligence to create a startup that will outlast its many competitors. However, with these essential steps, you can make sure that you have the right foundation to grow your business and aim for even greater goals in your near future.

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