7 Benefits of Coworking With Strangers

BY • POSTED June 21, 2019
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Looking for a better way to work? Coworking with strangers might be the answer you’re after. Studies show that 74% of people who share a working space are more productive than those who work alone. But that’s not the only benefit you’ll notice. Here are seven of the biggest reasons why coworking with strangers is a great idea.

1. Fewer Distractions

Working from home is great. You can spend the entire workday from the comfort of your pajamas. With that said, it also comes with some unique distractions. You might feel more reluctant to focus on your work since you’re surrounded by family, friends, pets, and entertainment.

Plus, studies show that professional clothing can make you more confident and professional. So while your bathrobe may be more comfortable than a suit, it isn’t the best work attire.

2. Unbiased Opinions of Your Work

You’ve just finished the first draft of your business plan. You think it looks great, and you’re almost ready to show it off. But before you do, it might be a good idea to get a second opinion. By the same token, it can be hard to trust friends or family to give you the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

But a stranger? Since they don’t know you (at least not yet), they’ll have no problem being honest about your output. Sometimes a little constructive criticism is the exact kick start you need.

3. Coworking with Strangers Lets You Meet Tons of New People

Let’s face it, working from home can be lonely. Sometimes you just want to get out and interact with like-minded people.

Meeting tons of sharp, inventive individuals like yourself is one of the best coworking space benefits. You’ll get to interact as little or as much as you want. You might even meet your new best friend.

4. Opportunities for Collaboration

Speaking of like-minded individuals, two heads are always better than one. Let’s say you start talking with one of your new coworkers. Before you know it, you discover that your skill sets are complementary.

The next time you need someone with their skills, you know who to turn to. Who knows what you could accomplish if you team up? It’s an easier, more productive way to network and build professional relationships.

5. A Change of Scenery Is Healthy for Your Mind

No matter how productive you tend to be, there are times where you’ll just feel like you’re stuck in a rut. Research shows that one of the best ways to spark creativity is by changing your work environment. By getting out of the house, you may finally get past that dreaded writer’s block that’s kept you up at night.

6. Work on Your Schedule

An entrepreneur’s schedule is flexible. So shouldn’t their workplace match?Coworking spaces give you the total freedom to work in a professional environment whenever you want. There’s no more need to schedule around the library’s hours or worry about morning rush hour traffic.

7. You’ll Stay Motivated

Working with others, even if you don’t interact much, can be inspirational. Seeing others put their best foot forward will drive you to do the same. Plus, you can count on your new friends for a kind word or two of encouragement whenever you need it.

Coworking with Strangers: The Best Decision You’ve yet to Make

At first glance, coworking with strangers may seem a little strange. But rest assured, there are tons of benefits that will make you a better, more productive worker.

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