By John Ocampos

The novel coronavirus (also referred to as COVID-19) has brought all the nations to its knees. Most of the Countries are in complete lockdown, the economy and social lives are being disrupted, people are afraid for the lives of their own and their loved ones. 

With such unprecedented changes drawing near so quickly, people are spending more time online by staying at home. So, it’s a good time for Digital Marketers to use some creativity and offer some user-friendly services for their growth as well as for customer retention in this difficult time. 

There are some simple marketing strategies digital marketers can use during COVID 19 Pandemic some of them are –

  •  Think Outside the Box

Digital Marketing agencies can offer various new products or services, can offer some free products or services with their paid ones. And most importantly, make new strategies like test new channels for business advertisements and promote your activity across various channels for increased reach and visibility. 

  •  Communicate with clients as much as possible

Every business is affected due to COVID 19 pandemic. People are working remotely from their homes. So, it’s very important to communicate with each of your clients to understand their problems and also update them about your services. For this purpose, Digital Marketing agencies can use email marketing and telemarketing strategies. 

It’s very important to inform you about every change in your websites and social media networks. So that visitors, whether they are leads or existing customers, can easily find the information that they need to know about your business during this unprecedented time. 

If your agency is closed due to a coronavirus pandemic, you should update that on Google as well, so when anyone searches about your agency, they can easily find that information on the first page of google. 

  •  Go Without Price Increase

This is a difficult time for everyone. People are experiencing financial burdens during this pandemic, so it’s better not to increase the price of any product or services during this pandemic. 

This will help your customers, which will bring some relief to them, and in that process, you can retain more customers. If you don’t know how you can help your clients financially, it’s better to ask them directly to get the idea and use it for the gain of your digital marketing strategies.

  •  Develop your Content

Even though the businesses are down and the people are facing a financial challenge, it’s not like no one is buying or using anything. It’s the perfect time to develop your content. Right now, you can assess what kind of content you’re developing and how you can make that helpful for potential future customers. 

Start to make strategies for new content. You can explain to your customers why your products or services are better than others. As you make new changes to your services, you should always explain that to your customers in a very informative way. 

Communicate with them, develop interesting content so that customers will want to buy from you. 

  • Use your budget Wisely

Take actions and new initiatives but, at the same time, always watch out for your budget. If you use various digital marketing strategies mentioned above, it will surely generate more leads and customers, but you have to keep that in mind that it will cost you money as well. The leads generation can also take some time, so it’s better to make plans for that too. 

Don’t use too much money, be analytical. There is no set date out there that this is going to start turning around, so always keep that in mind, which implementing new strategies while not spending a lot of money on that. 

For example, while you run an ad campaign on Google or any social media, like Facebook, you should consider using a particular time of the day for your ad campaigns. Doing some research and using your audience wisely will not only save money but will also help you to generate more leads for your business. 

  •  Giving Back to Your Customers and Employees

The companies that are going to stand out are the ones that were either helping with what they could, remained in that positive attitude, or shared tips and tricks as to what they were doing that was working for them. That’s the best content you can put out there right now. 

People are unemployed. A lot of them are probably looking ways to make money fast. If you can help your team in this difficult time by assisting them mentally and financially, that will help your business a lot. Encourage them to work remotely and don’t cut their salary to retain the team, which will motivate them to work for you with all their hearts. 

You can also assist your customers by giving them various things they need like many people can’t go outside and bring their essential daily items so if your company can help them in any way they will remember that and that will help you to gain new customers and also retain the existing ones. So, these are some good digital marketing strategies to focus on During the COVID 19 pandemic.