5 Ways HR Tech Can Help Reduce Your Cost and Time per Hire

The recent advancements in HR technology have revolutionized the recruitment process shifting the entire approach from administrative to strategic, for significant cost and time savings without compromising candidate quality. If you are still stuck with traditional recruiting practices, it’s high time you optimize your sourcing process with HR technology.

Here are 5 ways to help you get started:

1. Social Media Recruiting

Social media is a vital tool for sourcing top industry talent so, if you want to bring in some high-quality candidates without having to pay top dollar to recruitment agencies, professional social networks are your go-to resource. Recruiters can set up a company account on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter for free and run recruitment ads at a relatively affordable cost in comparison to traditional advertising methods. Social media recruiting is not only cost-effective but also accelerates your time-to-hire by expanding your recruitment reach and giving you easy and instant access to a large pool of talented people.

When your social media recruiting efforts are automated using applicant tracking system, you can also map your spend and track the performance of every social platform with auto-generated reports that accurately measure the effectiveness of your efforts, helping you fill vacancies faster. Social media integrated ATS also brings you a competitive advantage with a centralized candidate pool that allows the entire HR team to communicate and collaborate with candidates on different social platforms for an improved conversion rate.

2. Video Interviews

Being a quick, convenient and inexpensive alternative to in-person interviews, video recruitment is now being used by more and more companies for saving time and cost when screening potential employees. With a large number of job seekers looking for job change on-the-go, mobile recruiting has become a major trend among tech-savvy recruiters. By leveraging this technology for video interviews, recruiters can speed up the sourcing process and cut out travel costs for candidates who expect a more applicant-friendly approach from employers. Video interviews are proving to be a great tool for forward-thinking organizations wanting to ensure a positive interview experience.

3. Customer Relationship Management

Any company that seeks to lower recruitment spend and save time can leverage the powerful features of cloud-based applicant tracking systems. It is an efficient candidate engagement tool that not only keeps the candidate informed and updated at every step of the recruitment cycle but also helps recruiters maintain better relationships with potential employees. With applicant tracking software, recruiters can automate candidate communication and maintain meaningful relationships to build a bigger pool of talent without investing much time or effort.

4. Cloud Technology

The cloud technology has proved to be a big advantage for recruiters looking to speed up their hiring procedures. It gives easy access to applicant data without having to store and systematize files on different computers separately. When there is a single source of information for everything from collating and analyzing to sorting and sharing, even tedious and time-consuming recruitment tasks becomes fast and easy-to-accomplish. Also, with cloud technology, companies can save the cost of expensive hardware, software, and servers and avoid the loss of productivity that accompanies hardware failure. A cloud-based applicant tracking system is completely secure, easy to implement, quick to access, and more flexible, making it a perfect solution for startups and fast-growing businesses.

5. Applicant Tracking System

Designed to automate and accelerate daily recruitment tasks, applicant tracking systems allow recruiters to customize the entire sourcing cycle for a professional, personalized and positive candidate experience. From measuring the efficiency of your recruitment efforts and tracking your daily recruitment spend to consistently monitoring candidates at every stage and managing candidate communication, an ATS does everything with negligible human intervention to save tremendous time, effort and resources on a continuing basis. Applicant tracking system significantly shortens the hiring time by automating job postings on multiple platforms, screening candidates in seconds, sending bulks emails in just a few clicks, extracting candidate profiles in every format, converting them into a standard template for faster scanning, and generating accurate reports in real-time. Applicant tracking system not only saves a massive chunk of your time but also big money by eliminating the need to rely on recruitment agencies for top candidates.

So, whether you are looking to leverage the vast network of social media or the massive storage space of cloud technology, a fully-loaded, feature-rich applicant tracking system has everything you need to hire high-quality candidates faster.

Author Bio:

Kelly Barcelos is a progressive digital marketing manager specializing in HR and is responsible for leading Jobsoid’s content and social media team. When Kelly is not building campaigns, she is busy creating content and preparing PR topics. She started with Jobsoid as a social media strategist and eventually took over the entire digital marketing team with her innovative approach and technical expertise.