Digital content marketing offers great opportunities for businesses to advertise their services and generate new leads. In this blog, we look at several ways for companies to unleash the power of content production to find new prospective clients.

Identify Your Target Customers

In order to be successful with content, you must have a well thought out plan of action. Before you write the first word of content, you will need to create a buyer persona for the type of customer that you want to attract. 

You can start by identifying the key characteristics of your prospects such as age, gender, income levels, location, hobbies, nature of job and other requirements. 

Once you have this person visualized, think about their motivations and desires. Consider what makes your products and services attractive to this prospective customer.

Create the Content That Attracts

The next step is to start producing relevant content that would attract your target audience. There are several types of content you can produce from blogs, articles, reports and infocharts to images, music, videos, animations and much more.

Different types of content work with different people. For example, consider two groups, children and finance professionals.

Children are more attracted to cartoon-style animations and videos with lots of colors and wacky music. If you sell kids’ toys and are trying to attract children to your products, you will need to create colorful cartoon characters. 

On the other hand, if you sell financial consultation or tax advisory services, the type of content you produce will need to be entirely different from the content you produce for kids. 

Adults and professionals that work in stocks prefer reports and text based content with charts and evidences of why doing business with your company is good for them.

If you are struggling to produce content on your own, you can hire website copywriting services to do it for you. They have a quick turnaround time, produce higher quality content and not too expensive.

Getting Contact Information from Your Prospects

This is a bit more difficult to accomplish. After two decades of spam and unsolicited mail, web users have become more reluctant to share their contact information with businesses. Their inboxes are already full of junk and they do not want more from your sales teams. 

In order to capture a lead, you need to provide your prospects with value first. Value is created through the content that you produce.

For example, suppose you run a hardware store that offers home improvement tools and supplies. You have set up a website with all your products and service that customers can order online. You also have a sales team in place to call prospects and try to sell them what you offer.

How do you get customers to give you their contact details?

What you can do is produce content that is actually helpful for your prospects. You can write blogs and articles on DIY home projects to make everything from a wooden garden fence to your own swimming pool in the backyard.

If you are feeling more ambitious, you can create video tutorials as well. These tutorials can show your prospects how they can make improvements to their home, with products bought from your store.

If the viewers need help, encourage them to get in touch with your support team for guidance. This is a great way to get contact information and customers appreciate it because they get something of value in return.

Go To Your Target Audience

In the past, businesses could put up a shop on the high street and wait for customers to come to them. Digital technology has completely changed the commercial landscape. Businesses must now go to where their customers are to get attention and make sales. 

And where are most of your potential customers? On social media platforms.

Research shows that more than 3 billion internet users are using some form of social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. If you want to generate relevant leads, you need to connect with potential customers online.

Most social platforms allow you to share content that you produce for your website. For example, you can share your website blogs on Facebook and Instagram, or your videos on YouTube and TikTok. 

Encourage people to interact with your content, whether it is by sharing it in their groups or commenting on your posts.

The more social users your business is connected with online, the bigger your potential pool of leads.

Focus on Your Website Traffic

Your website is like the digital headquarter of all your online marketing strategy and should get the deserved attention.

Whether you produce content on your own or use a website copywriting service to do it for you, make sure to update it on your site regularly. Websites that are regularly updated with new content perform better on search engines so don’t neglect it.

Your website must have a contact page that allows visitors to get in touch. This is a great way to get email addresses and build a mailing list for future marketing.

You can use various strategies to get more email addresses from visitors. One way to do it is to add a popup to the website. 

Data shows that website with a popup reminder for users to subscribe are 3 times more likely to get email addresses from visitors than websites that do not use a subscription popup.

Another effective strategy for getting an email address from your audience is to offer them something in return. You can offer visitors a free self-help e-book, or the first 5 lessons of your program for free, if they sign up to your mailing list.


A well-crafted content marketing strategy is important for businesses to succeed in the digital age. You need to follow the right steps to ensure a good return on content marketing investment.

We shared some useful content marketing strategies in this blog that can help you generate more leads and sales for your business.