5 Tips to Sell Your Tours and Activities with Facebook

BY • POSTED February 21, 2019
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You have seen people selling all manner of things such as home bowling alleys and plastic balls on Facebook, and this keeps you wondering; can you do this for your travel business?

Well, some people will tell you that marketing your travel agency is a waste of time, and what you need to concentrate on is SEO, PPC, and all sorts of other digital marketing methods. This is far from the truth!

Travel content is widely shared on social media. Besides, who doesn’t want people to see where they traveled recently anyway?

So, if you want your travel agency to become like a lucrative Spain business, below are some tips to help you use Facebook efficiently.

1. Develop a strategy

The reason why most people fail in Facebook marketing is because they believe it’s all about posting content and getting likes, comments, and shares. However, there is more than meets the eye.

Before you even open a Facebook page, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I want from Facebook?
  • What KPIs will I measure once I kick-start my marketing?
  • How will I measure the success of my campaign?
  • How am I going to market my travel agency?
  • Who is my audience?

The answers to the above questions will help you come up with a workable strategy that will work for your good.

2. Come up with a content calendar

If you want to sell your tours and travel activities on Facebook, don’t just wake up and decide to post content. No! Remember, your target market is not always on Facebook, and even if they are, bombarding them with information or the time might make them develop a negative perception about your brand. Develop a content calendar and always abide by it.

3. Develop the right page

If you have a page that has ‘friends’ instead of ‘likes,’ know from the outset that you are one of those businesses that are doing Facebook marketing wrong!

Don’t build a profile for your travel business. Instead, build an attractive business page.  If you already have a profile, you can get information online on how you can convert it into a page.

With a good business page, you will be able to analyze your fan base, see their demographics, and know when they are online.

If you cannot build a good page, it is advisable that you consult a social media expert, or hire a freelancer to do it for you.

4. Use imagery

Just like a travel website, people want to see pictures of different destinations so that they can make up their mind and decide where they want to go.

Therefore, if you want to sell your tours activities on Facebook, you cannot shun away from great images.

Take pictures yourself or download them from royalty-free sites. Regardless of the method you use, ensure that images are of high quality, and can create a ‘wow’ factor in the minds of your target audience.

As you use imagery in your content, don’t forget to have an attractive and super-strong profile and cover photos. They can go a long way in establishing customer trust for your brand.

5. Optimize your page

When building your page, make sure that you have a term that you would love to show up in Google and other search engines. This keyword can be included in the ‘About’ section of your page. For example, you can include something like “best places to visit in New York.”

Also, take advantage of tabs available to you. Don’t forget to share content in multiple languages if you can and take care of your grammar. Nothing puts prospects off like silly grammatical errors!

With the above tips, there is no reason why your travel business should not have a monthly turnover of millions of bucks thanks to Facebook marketing. Good luck!

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