The global market has been undergoing major changes since last year. Large corporations and companies have reduced their business volume. Also, many have lost their jobs and the business world has found itself in big trouble due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Small businesses have also found themselves in trouble. The global business market has moved online and because of the great efforts for survival – competition and struggle are relentless.

It is difficult to predict exactly what will happen, but what is certain is that one should not despair.

If you are a small business owner, you may even have an advantage over larger players. There is even an unofficial social movement to support small businesses. 

Adversity is also an opportunity to learn and reconsider business goals and grow your success.

We bring you 5 business tips and tricks on how to improve your small business and get out of the pandemic as the winner.

Expand Your Marketing Horizons

Whether your business is offline or online, to succeed in 2021, first do a review of your marketing strategy.

It is important to understand that without digital marketing in the modern world, long-term success is impossible. Analyze everything you have done so far, study analysts and statistics, whether and to what extent they agree with the goals you have set for yourself, and create a new strategy based on that.

Don’t be afraid of social media. They are a great channel for direct communication with clients.

The key thing of marketing in 2020 was communication – not generic, but solid and human. A similar trend continues into 2021 and may be essential to the success of small businesses.

Combine different marketing techniques, always be up to date and you will convert more.

Take Care Of Your Finances

Finance is a particularly sensitive area for small businesses.

In case you have suffered losses or accumulated debts in the previous year – you must be rigorously careful.

Detailed planning of what and where you will invest money in is always a wise move. Make sure to be aware of all your costs and think carefully about whether and why it is worth investing in something.

When it comes to finances, think long-term.

Replace The Office With Remote Work

Remote work is probably the brightest highlight of 2020. Almost all of us worked from home at least at one point. It turns out that this is not such a bad option, not only because of the protection against infection. 

Remote work saves money and time. You do not pay rent or other expenses, such as cleaning, equipment maintenance, transportation, and meals. In addition, this way of working suits a large number of employees because they are more relaxed and are in constant contact with their families.

Connect More Deeply With Your Customers

While this sounds general, it is true that ordinary people, regular customers, and clients, with their commitment to small businesses, have helped many survive during 2020. Small businesses that have managed to connect more deeply with their customers had received such strong and positive feedback when they needed it most.

Deeper connection means constant work on communication and respect for clients.

Small businesses are generally more specific and original, which is precisely their chance to build strong relationships.  

Neal Taparia, who runs Spider Solitaire Challenge often emphasizes that emotions in marketing are priced more than ever, but it’s important not to let your customers down. 

Taparia also points out that constant engagement on social media, creative marketing campaigns,  and socially responsible business is what will make your customers loyal for a long time.

Adding business networks to your search optimisation is one of the best resources for finding business emails. Email marketing can allow you to create targeted and personalised messages. This can help you to build meaningful relationships with your customers. It can also improve response rates to your direct marketing campaigns. 

Improve Customer Service

Although the internet is a great place to do business, if you don’t know what you are doing or if you’re focused solely on making money, it can result in negative feedback.

If you disappoint customers, they won’t hesitate to say it somewhere on the internet. They will not be mild at it at all – they will strongly insult you. Others will read it and stay away from your business.

This is usually the case with customer support and their friendliness.

According to Microsoft, engaged, fast, and regular customer support is the core of customer loyalty.

To improve your customers’ shopping or business experience with you, you can do the following:

  • Create an interesting experience for them.
  • Reward from time to time their loyalty with a truly valuable and significant gift.
  • If they buy a defective product from you, be at their service, replace it, or offer them something of equal value.
  • If you have stated that your customer service is available 24/7, then so be it.

Put yourself in the role of a customer and you will realize that you probably appreciate these features yourself. So do your best to be responsible to your customers.


Being your own small business has always been challenging and riskier than running large companies. You often have to do everything yourself, and it seems that bankruptcy and failure are constantly lurking.

But all problems can be solved if you look at them from a different perspective. The advantage is –  you can do some things faster and more efficiently. In that case, someone else’s irresponsibility won’t burden you. So use these tips and turn your small business into a big win.