Reaching more consumers in your local area or in the global marketplace requires developing a marketing strategy that helps you generate brand recognition. The key to this type of marketing approach is consistency. If you stop marketing your brand for a short time, consumers will forget about your products and flock to a brand that is marketing consistently to them. The following suggestions can help you establish a good marketing plan that will help you keep your brand familiar with consumers throughout the world.

Use Your Website

Even though you may already have a website for your business, you should ask yourself if you’re spending enough time using it. If you want to build your web presence as a small business, you will have to publish blog posts on your site on a regular basis. This doesn’t necessarily mean writing posts each day, but you should decide how often you’ll publish blog posts and stick to that schedule. If you post reliably in this manner, more people will return to your site to read your new posts. In creating your posts, be sure to use keyword phrases properly. The keyword phrase you choose for each post should appear in the title, at least one subheading, and in the first 100 words of text. You can also choose alternative phrases with similar meanings to increase the relevancy of your post. Using these SEO tactics will help your web pages appear higher in related search results, driving more traffic to your site.

Maintain a Strong Social Media Presence

While good SEO practices and regular blog posts will drive more organic traffic to your website, you should still spend time on your social media accounts as well. Maintaining a good social media presence will help you expand your business’ reach in multiple ways. First, you can create social media posts that link to your blog posts to encourage your followers to visit your website. If you use hashtags with relevant keyword phrases and make sure your posts are set to be publicly visible, you’ll reach more people on each social media site. Even users who are not following you will be able to see your posts when they search the site for phrases that you used as hashtags. This will drive that much more traffic to your social media and website pages. More importantly, it will help you increase brand recognition among users on each site.

Give Something Back

You can generate buzz around your business and bring past customers back by offering something of value to your customers. You can choose anything from offering a discount on future purchases to giving away small prizes to customers spending a predetermined amount of money at your business. Another idea to include is hosting a giveaway for the best use of one of your products. Customers can send you pictures or videos of themselves using your products. As you post that content on your social media pages, you’ll encourage your followers to share those posts. As a result, more users will follow your pages, visit your website, enter your contests. By the time you announce a winner, you will have increased your number of followers and your business’ sales.

Go Mobile

While maintaining an active website and social media presence is important, these aren’t the only ways to use digital marketing to grow your business’ reach. In fact, the importance of mobile marketing is growing as more and more users access the internet via their phones and laptops. There are many different types of mobile marketing that your business can use. To encourage past customers to return to your business, send out text messages that include discount codes for your customers’ future purchases. To reach new customers, use premium marketing services that will place your brand’s ads in mobile apps. As users play a game, read an ebook, or use another type of app, your brand’s ads will appear to remind them about your products. This can be very effective for reaching consumers who are already on the go or shopping in nearby businesses.

Digital marketing has become more accessible in recent years, offering opportunities for small businesses to reach more consumers without having to spend as much on paid advertising. In fact, simply maintaining a strong online presence can be enough to help your business grow organically. As long as you set aside time to market your brand each day, there’s no reason you can’t reach more consumers and grow your business.