Are your sales slow? Is that anything that your customers buy at a very cheap rate from your online store and checking out! Does your business online suffer from the poor repeated business? What about your pricing strategy, it is a whack one? 

You can’t necessarily say that your business is having success when you are offering great products with the exact description of your goods.  Along with possessing an attractive storefront, there are many other facts that have to be taken care of that are not at all related to your products or your website. 

If you are thinking of increasing sales of your online stores then you are on the right path. The method of increasing sales is essential to any successful business whether it be online or offline. Despite the quick hike in the revenue is not the only benefit you will get. Anyone having the online store carrying the mindset of increasing sales but the major question is how you will do that? When you are making the harsh changes in your marketing strategy, sometimes it’s all about changing and processing some of the elements on your website. The process is known as conversion optimization. The main motive of this business is to enhance the percentage of visitors on the website which further becomes the paying customers. 

Increasing online sales is the fundamental goal of countless businesses, whether it be small, medium, or large. It is so important in every field of e-commerce to increase sales through online channels is like bowling a strike and it is actually easier than it looks like.  sales whether you work for mom and pop retail business or work for endless eCommerce giant like amazon. 

Now here is how you can dive to implement the tactics of social media marketing for increasing online sales. 

Tactics to Increase Sales on your Online Store?
  1. Compelling the content frequently 
  2. Automatize the word of mouth with social reviews 
  3. Use Google ads 
  4. Start email marketing and a newsletter 
  5. Remove sliders from your homepage 
  6. Include the contact information 
  7. Give an extraordinary name to the plan to enhance the updates 
  8. Remove the references
  9. On a certain amount offer free shipping 
  10. Offer the amazing money-back guarantee 


Here is the main explanation of how you can easily increase your sales by applying these above-mentioned ways. 

Compelling The Content Frequently 

For growing your social following every time, it’s necessary to post the content frequently. Depending on your posting style and frequency, the audience changes their way to make the response every time, therefore you have to be particular in testing and figure out the best assent for your brand. There are two tools namely Hootsuite and Buffer which can help you out in scheduling your future posts.

Automatize The Word Of Mouth With Social Reviews 

It is a kind of one of the greatest ways to increase online sales by using product reviews and giving the customers an option to make the after-sales comment on the specific website. There is a review app termed as Yotpo which is available for Shopify sites to create the reviews after they make a particular purchase. This whole process is fully automated, thereby removing the burden of doing it all manually to reach the customers. You can connect your social accounts to business and can post the reviews directly to your specific pages. 

Use Google Ads 

Third in the list comes using google ads which is one of the best and easiest ways to increase sales. with this, you can place your any or particular ad in the google search or in many of the thousands of sites that run google addons. These can be highly targeted as it is based on the keywords that people use in the search box of Google and you have to pay per click (PPC) which makes this way a simple and cost-effective one. 

Start Email Marketing and A Newsletter 

When you are using the PPC method whether Facebook, bing, or AdWords, it is the important part t6o get the email done of your potential customers. A blog with quality content is regarded as an effective way to do that, additionally, a well-organized landing page can serve this desire for the customers coming to your site by the way of PPC. Email marketing can be effectively carried out when you have completed the email list to send the newsletter or other content to your visitors. Email converting will continue and will make you totally surprised by the results. 

Remove Sliders From Your Websites 

If you are the one following the most updated website design tip, you are almost at the least treated including a slider image on the homepage. It is the most productive move with a handful of benefits. You can make visible a number of products and features and it will act as the best way to welcome new visitors to your website and to the content you have offered. In case if you want to enhance sales and traffic you have to remove it as soon as it is possible. There is no evidence that it will tell you that it increases the sales but definitely there are various researches that will showcase, it actually creates confusion for the visitors. You should focus on the precious above the fold space for promoting your website rather than changing sliders on your homepage. 

Include The Contact Information 

If you are the business-to-business type of company then it is the best tactic to enhance the sales and maybe one of the simplest techniques that you never have considered. It is mostly avoided to provide detailed contact information and then it frustrates potential customers. 

Give An Extraordinary Name to the plan to enhance the updates 

When the visitors take the decision of which of your pricing plans to go with, he/she will check the details you provided to get influenced on the choices they made. By giving an attractive name to most of your expensive plans you can increase the rate of conversion for those specific plans. An example of this effect in action is Mailchimp. There are a total of three plans offered by Mailchimp: a free plan, a low-cost plan, and a premium plan. By the time high volume senders can be someone who is sending a  lot of emails and peeps in the inbox for the recipients. 

Remove the References 

Before talking about price, you have to sometimes need to convince the customers about buying the products.  The price will be less of a factor when someone has already sold on your product. To carry this process you have to remove the references of buying from your websites. There are various websites that have the ‘pricing’ option on the top, and if you are doing so then try to remove or go for the testing option for prices on the websites. 

On a Certain Amount Offer a Free Shipping 

If you are running an online business or a store, you will be noticing that your adequate order size will take a downfall within a specific and consistent range. Therefore, start bundling the products together to convince the customers to buy more and more of it. And then set the free shipping threshold option on your shipping cart. By doing this the savings will start to kick-in and the customers will change their minds and will buy more as compared to that of they were planning to buy before. Just for example if you have the average order size of 40 dollars, thus set the threshold at 50 dollars. This will lead to customers buying more in order to break the barrier of savings.

Offer the Amazing Money-back Guarantee 

In a desire to avoid the potential loss, many times consumers take the decision not to buy in risk aversion. Oftentimes, this is a perceived financial risk. The main question is why should a customer buy your products even when the customers don’t like it or having any other issue with the brought product. Moreover, the small to small products also have ‘buyer’s remorse’. This problem can be overcome by offering a bulletproof option to the customers termed as  “money-back guarantee”. The customers will get more attracted and buy more only when you remove the risk from the prospect’s decision. 

It’s All About Mind Games 

These above-mentioned ways are the only part of how you can increase and promote online sales and store. The main aim of these strategies is that the customers will feel like they got a great deal and at the same time you will experience a nice hike in your profits. The amazing part is that these are the easiest to apply and will enhance your sales immediately. If you have a functional eCommerce website then you have to be patient in order to get good results. Mainly focus on the conversions or traffic and importantly on loyalty to get the hike in your online sales. 



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