Entrepreneurs and new business owners often struggle with staying on top of the tasks necessary to run a business. Aside from driving sales and focusing on your products or services, many mundane tasks serve to keep business operations going. The best way to ensure these tasks are done without sacrificing other aspects of your business is to hire a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants (VAs) are individuals you can hire to take care of routine or repetitive tasks, so you can continue to focus on the core aspects of your business. Some VAs are trained to handle specialized or industry-specific tasks, providing your business with their expertise in certain areas. Best of all, VAs work remotely, making their labor more cost-effective.

The key to finding success when outsourcing is to know which tasks you can delegate to a virtual assistant. Aside from the general administrative work, VAs can offer a wide range of skills that can help your business. It is a matter of matching the right virtual assistant to the type of work you need to be done.

Some aspects of business operations require specialized knowledge and expertise to be effective, such as bookkeeping and payroll management as well as customer service. A virtual assistant can deliver professional-level work and help you avoid disastrous or costly mistakes.

In addition to these aspects, VAs can also work to promote your business and improve your brand image for your target audiences. A virtual assistant with training in social media management can take charge of maintaining your social media pages and keeping your audience engaged. A content writer VA can create high-quality, SEO-ready content to drive traffic to your page. Meanwhile, a VA skilled in graphic design can create your visual assets and organize your business’s visual library for all kinds of use.

Learn more about what other business tasks virtual assistants can do from the infographic below.