You will all agree to the fact that the year 2020 has not been less than a rollercoaster ride, especially for startups. Even though the pandemic has forced some of the businesses to pivot entirely, some of them managed to strive.

With a change from working in the office to working from home, stepping out, and more, we have seen some primary pushes for specific technologies. For the year 2021, businesses have also changed and are all ready for the upcoming year. However, if we talk about the trends one can follow, there are some that will drive every business in the coming year. Below mentioned are some of them.

Remote Working 

Most of the companies had to swap to a remote workforce when everyone was under lockdown rules. Since a lot has been learned from the recent experiment, most of the businesses are planning to continue working from home. Is it mandatory to go to the office every day? 

The best part about remote working is that the companies noticed better productivity. Nevertheless, for some of them, remote working wasn’t apt. Hence, in the year 2021, all the businesses need to offer remote working so that the employees are safe and continue working side by side.

Social Engagement

A plethora of brands depended on engaging their customers all over social media during the pandemic. In the upcoming year, there will be a lot of work done on social media. The idea is to keep everything real. In addition to this, there will be engaging influencers in the industry—people who are driving conversations and getting potential customers.

Online Education

Online education has had a huge growth during the pandemic and there are a number of reasons behind it. All the colleges, tuition centers, and schools have an option of teaching the students via video conferencing, which has also led to the education app development companies and startups thriving. In addition to this, many educational startups have made it easier for students to continue studying online.

Virtual and Tele Health Care 

In the healthcare industry, everybody is trying their level best to reduce the exposure of the pandemic to the workers and the patients. This is one primary reason why private healthcare has offered telehealth. 


It is the responsibility of the primary care to see the patients in person. This is how a strong relationship between the patient and the physician is built. Studies have shown, nevertheless, that eight percent of primary care services can be delivered virtually.


Another trend is the automaton. Startups will find out how they can evaluate the performance of the employees and take action further. Already there have been so many changes in this direction from supply chains to warehouses, ships, trucks, and more. In the upcoming year, automation will become a trend that will be considered by a number of people.

Business Model Innovation 

In the year 2021, every business leader needs to reflect on what exactly they are offering to their customers. In the year 2020, a number of companies went through major changes. However, most of them are doing fine with the new normal and accepting the changes. 

Robotic Delivery 

There has been a delay in the use of robotic delivery. At first, the entire concept of robotic delivery seemed costly and daunting. However, with time, the tables turned and robotic delivery became a vital focus to emerge in 2021 and 2022.

Applications like Meituan Dianping have made use of autonomous vehicles so that grocery orders can be sent to the customers. Meituan has begun to launch the tech publicly.

Startups Using 5G

There is a demand for higher speed internet which is why the concept of 5G has been introduced. This became mandatory because for better connectivity we need better networks.


This has been a severe concern but during the pandemic, a number of things changed. As many businesses have suffered during the pandemic, companies are finding that the environmental crisis could be more damaging to the entire world. Hence, every company needs to give a thought about environmental impact, operations, and how everything is being used.

Meaningful and Purposeful 

This trend means you need to have a meaning and purpose for your job. The new generation that is planning to enter the various industries should connect with a purpose or work for a company that has a real meaning behind it.

Wrapping Up

These are the new startup trends you can follow in the upcoming year. However, if you need to gather more information about the trends, feel more than free to seek the internet.