Nowadays, coworking spaces are becoming more and more traditional facilities where different people prefer to work. This kind of shared workplace has a number of benefits that make the working routine much more convenient. 

Despite this fact, a coworking space by itself has lots of stereotypes that make people have some doubts regarding working there. 

In this article, you will get familiar with 10 the most common coworking space stereotypes that will be busted.

Let’s start!


Coworking Spaces Are for Freelancers Only 


There is a tendency to think that coworking spaces are used mainly by freelancers. Yes, it was a true statement a few years ago when freelancers booked their desks working on their projects. 

However, now we can see that coworking spaces have already become top working places for big corporations. These business companies rent the spaces for their employees where they are working and use the benefits offered by a coworking space. 


  • Lack of Organization

Lots of entrepreneurs believe that a coworking space is not a good facility to work at. The reason for this is that the working model used within a coworking space seems quite disorganized.

Alternatively, this model suggests freedom and flexibility that are beyond other traditional working facilities’ reach. People can come to work at whatever time they want. The residents can choose any working place they like and communicate with each other during their work. 

In other words, a coworking space stands for comfortable work instead of some boundary conditions.


  • Coworking Space Is Expensive to Work at 

By taking into account that any coworking space offers various benefits for the residents, it might seem pretty expensive. 

Likely, since the workspaces are shared, it can be an affordable and less expensive option though.  According to Lucy Atkinson, a business writer at Writemix, “The conveniences and amenities are higher quality than renting your own office but because the management of these services is shared, you end up paying less.”

Consequently, the myth that coworking spaces are expensive is busted. 


  • Coworking Spaces Are Mostly for Start-Ups 

If you get back to the old days of a coworking space phenomenon, you will see that these facilities were created for start-ups first of all. Nevertheless, thanks to working environment flexibility and other digitilized functions suggested by a coworking space, this kind of workspace facility became popular among big corporations and sole traders.

Plus, almost every coworking space has its own culture that aims to build a connection between the residents. Thanks to this community connection, the residents get an opportunity to collaborate and enter the new business markets.  It leads to the attraction of a wider audience of different layers of the business.


  • There Are Too Many Distractions at Coworking Spaces 

Let’s admit that a coworking space isn’t a library where people must keep total silence. It goes without saying when you’re working in a coworking space, you are not safe from noise and voices around you.

It would be fair to say that it would be almost impossible to find a coworking space that could be free from noise. Moreover, all these voices, chatting, and laughing are a feature of a normal working environment within a workspace. 

Likely, any coworking space offers private rooms and quiet corners that would be a cool decision for those residents who are looking for a place where to hide from the noise. 


  • Absence of Individuality 

Another one stereotype about coworking spaces is that they are all the same in terms of variety.

If we are talking about traditional office spaces, they might look similar. Nevertheless, this lack of individuality ends here. Many coworking spaces try to be different in comparison to other competitors on the market. They suggest something unique. For instance, a pet-friendly coworking space

Plus, don’t forget about rural coworking spaces specifically for those people who prefer to work outside the town. 

As you can see, a coworking space industry doesn’t lack individuality at all. 


  • Lack of Space 

Yes, there are coworking spaces that might lack working space within the facility.

Despite this fact, it all depends on the type of coworking space the residents are working. For example, most of the coworking spaces have a lot more rooms in contrast to open-plan offices rented by huge corporations. What’s more important, coworking spaces are less booked during working days because the residents of coworking spaces are working on a flexible schedule. 


  • Coworking Spaces Are All About Renting an Office

At first glance, coworking is a place that businessmen rent for their work. But any businessman gets lots of benefits that coworking space can offer.   

Let’s say you’re a businessman who owns a small company. You have around 10 people who are working on your team. You realize that there is no sense in renting a standalone office because you are not sure about how things are going to be in your company in a few months. 

You just want to see if it would be worth investing your money in renting an office for the long-run.  Consequently, the best option for you would be renting a space in some coworking. What’s more important, many coworking spaces are located in the center of the city. Thus, it is a wonderful nuance for those who want to be well accommodated from the navigational standpoint.


  • You Are Always in the Center of Attention 

You can hear from those people who are used to working in coworking spaces that there is no privacy at all. 

Any coworking space is a quite communicative place – no doubts. You can see many people surrounding you. These people can talk to each other, laugh, and discuss some business topics. However, if you’re working at a coworking space, you will have an opportunity to choose the place or space where to work. 

It can be a private room or some cozy silent corner where nobody breaks in upon your privacy. Coworking is a complex facility that suggests various accommodations to the residents. 


  • It Is Far Better and Cheaper to Work From Home

Yes, you won’t regret that working from home is the cheapest option compared to coworking space. It is completely free of charge. 

However, talking about the benefits you’ll get working from home, they are less useful in terms of work efficiency. When you’re working at home, you might be seduced with your bad to have a rest, with TV, and other stuff. Plus, you can live with the kids who need some sort of attention. 

Coworking is the place where people come to work first of all. Therefore, the overall atmosphere inclines you towards work instead of other unproductive activities. 



The coworking space industry makes progress. More freelancers, entrepreneurs, and businessmen are attracted by this new approach to work. The era of standard offices has already vanished in the past. 

All these changes in the working environment clearly show that coworking culture has more positive aspects than negative ones. As a result, the stereotypes that are introduced in this post have no power anymore. 

Visit coworking spaces and enjoy your working there.

By Sergey Aliokhin