There are many ways to achieve financial freedom. For example, 75% of young UK residents are interested in investing and this includes both men and women. Still, women often decide to go a step further and start their own businesses. 

Unfortunately, not every industry is as welcoming to female entrepreneurs. They might feel oppressed and lack opportunities to shine in the technology, engineering, or financial sectors. Luckily, these 10 areas are where women entrepreneurs can flourish. 


Some claim that blogging is dead, but those who read online articles know that’s not true. Blogging is one of the easiest ways to start a side hustle that has the potential to grow into a business that generates a full-time income. There are no limits in blogging, and one can create as many blogs as one wants. 

There are also various blogging monetization options to utilize, depending on the niche. Women are outstanding at blogging because they can deal with the details of SEO optimization. They are patient and willing to work towards their goals. Another reason blogging is great for females is that it can be done at home, even if they have children. 

Teaching Online

Teaching is another area where female entrepreneurs can work their magic. There are so many online platforms to utilize today. Women who are willing to share their knowledge can earn a decent amount on those websites. What’s great is that they can teach anything, from cooking to writing. 

Still, teaching online does demand skill and marketing knowledge to achieve success. Those female entrepreneurs who know what they’re doing on social media can easily earn enough to build their own teaching website or an app. 

Social Media

Everybody knows about social media influencers. While it’s not considered a business per se, many women devote their time to building a social media presence they can use to promote brands. This kind of work demands marketing knowledge and experience, but also creativity, openness, and dedication. 

What’s more, many female influencers merge their love for fitness or cooking and social media to grow a decent following. From there, they proceed to publish books, become industry experts, and keep on building their online presence and business. 

Cooking or Baking 

People love food and need to eat, so women who love cooking or baking have many business options to choose from. They can opt for a food truck, bakery, fast food, or fine dining restaurant. They can even host a cooking class at their venue or online. 

The food industry has no limits, and women are creative enough to flourish in it. Combined with social media presence and branding, a female entrepreneur who owns a food-related business can grow immensely. 


Fashion is another industry where women thrive. They can use it to showcase their creativity and develop a brand. Fashion is a global phenomenon, and most women in the fashion business know that they can expand into the global market if they work hard.

There are many ways to create a label. Various online platforms offer to manage the production and shipping of clothes. With such platforms, women can work on the design aspect, outsource everything else, and barely spend a dime. Eventually, they can move the production, separate from the platforms, and fully own it. 

Real Estate

Starting a real estate business may seem complicated, but many female entrepreneurs are successful in flipping houses. They have enough knowledge about finances to invest in properties they can fix and resell. Some even own a real estate agency. 

Female entrepreneurs in real estate may also own enough property for renting. This ensures a steady income for years to come. Women are great negotiators, and that’s why this industry provides enough space to grow. 

Daycare Centers 

This is a perfect area for women who enjoy working with children. As with other businesses, women can start small, working from home with only a few children. If everything goes well, parents will eventually spread the word. Then, women can register to become licensed providers and welcome more children. 

Eventually, their business will grow, and they may rent a space to become a fully functional private daycare center. This is an ideal business opportunity as it can be very lucrative for daycare owners. 

Wedding Planning 

Many women are naturally good at organizing events. While a wedding can be a challenge, female entrepreneurs who work as event managers aren’t afraid of rising to one. Still, there are many areas to cover before starting a wedding planning business and doing proper marketing to reach a target audience. 

Regardless of the necessary work, women are successful in this area because they focus on details and understand one another. When it comes to weddings, women recognize the bride’s needs and are always ready to go the extra mile to make their special day perfect. 

Life Coaching 

The demand for life coaching has grown in recent years, and women have found their place in the industry. This business idea is perfect for those women who studied psychology, education, health and wellness, and similar. Even though a college degree is not as important, a valid coaching certification establishes credibility. 

Running a coaching agency is ideal for women due to their empathy and willingness to help others. Life coaching is the perfect opportunity to create a network of satisfied clients and reach more people who need help.  

Interior Design 

This is another industry where female creativity can create business opportunities. Women don’t necessarily have to start with their own agency to become well-known interior designers. They can work under someone and, at the same time, create a personal website to showcase their work. 

With some effort and a strong portfolio, they can start their own business and draw attention to it. Again, social media presence plays a key role, together with an astonishing website to promote. When it comes to income, the sky’s the limit. 


There are many industries where women feel out of place. Many of them struggle in tech, finance, or engineering, only to realize they can do more in another sector. Luckily, there are many options to choose from. Blogging is ideal for women who love to write, while fashion and interior design are perfect for creative individuals. 

Real estate, life coaching, and daycare centers require some knowledge, but women have demonstrated time and time again that they’re not afraid of starting something big. What’s important is that they know it’s the industry that will support their growth.